Pundi X Plans for Uprising in the World of Digital Assets

A new era has begun in 2020 with a lot more possibilities and expectations. In the last decade, blockchain has gathered a lot of buzzes, both favorable and non-favorable bites. The technology is anticipated to bring a new horizon to the digital world. The financial marketers have also started taking an interest and are planning to enter the digital currency world, leaving the hocus pocus behind related to the blockchain technology. There are few companies evolving themselves to bring more secured versions to enjoy the perks of blockchain. One of the companies that have captured the latest news headlines is Pundi X. The company has introduced a new and improved medium to use blockchain.

Barriers related to Digital Currencies:

The digital currencies are operated on peer to peer network, which creates transparency and zero involvement of intermediaries. The same ease in the path of reconciliation and thus the blocks are secured and the information about the same is shared with both the parties. Though the digital currencies cleared many obstacles that were faced by banking and financial institutions from years, there was adamant insecurity about the transactions. Due to instability in the fiat currencies, the foreign exchanges corned them. Apparently, there were many speculations that blockchain technology would turn out to be a bogus scam over time. Due to its border barrier, the myths carried to different corners of the world. Thus, despite improvements, blockchain remained banned in many countries.

Solution carried by Pundi X:

The problems that were acting as the barrier for the digital currencies could be eradicated only when the real world accepts the fiat currencies with open arms. To make it possible, Pundi X has developed XPOS, XWallet, and XPass. They aimed to clear paths of the dealing of the digital currency and make them extremely easy and secure. The accessibility should be from anywhere and anytime. The company has enabled the purchase of digital assets via mobile wallets, bank cards, or Pundi XPass. With Pundi XPass, the purchase could be made in a single swipe. The same has the facility of top-up in case there is a requirement of a refill. The same could be done at any Pundi X partner location, which is now available in more than 25 countries. Another important tool is XPOS. The same is considered as all in one solution for digital asset retailers. The ongoing year would enable XPOS to accept decentralized wallets and crypto payments.

Here, are some features of XPOS that have made digital transaction uncomplicated:

  • The digital assets are accepted as payments.
  • The mobile payments apps are accepted by the same.
  • The blockchain wallets are also accepted in XPOS.
  • The customer credit history is maintained in XPOS to deteriorate financial risks.
  • It acts as a gateway for a financial service provider.
  • XPOS accepts and spends assets in digital form.
  • NPXS reward system that is framed to attract newbies is also accepted.
  • Unlike many, third party logistics and delivery is also accepted in XPOS.

Launch of the first blockchain-powered smartphone- BOB:

Pundi X is taking another step in 2020 by launching the world’s first blockchain-powered smartphone, BOB (Block to Block). Initially, in 2019, Pundi X grabbed headlines at the Bali Blockchain Summit by announcing the smartphone named XPhone that would be powered by blockchain. Later, there were improvisations made on the phone to keep the user’s privacy at priority. The phone was renamed as BOB with an F(x) OS (Function of X OS) system. This system is framed in a way that would make sure that every text, call, or any other activity performed online is done via a decentralized browser or app. Each BOB phone would act as a node of the network by eliminating centralized service providers.


The world, in the coming time, is likely to be empowered by digital assets. The possibilities of the fiat currencies are enormous and yet to be discovered. The digital assets started a decade ago have paved the path of success and looks like all the hurdles are removed gradually by improvisations in the field. The world is waiting for a new revolution and Pundi X is likely to be the answer to the same.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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