Seedify to bridge Arbitrum and BNB in the next few days

Projects going multichain are nothing new. It comes with the advantage of an expanded user base and better utility of the project. The list is endless, with Seedify being the most recent entrant. The company announced that it is going multichain with chains to better host users and its native token, SFUND. The talks began last week, with the update getting completed in the coming days. 

Seedify has asked the community to keep an eye on the developments with Arbitrum, which start in April 2023. It has already partnered with BNB Chain and Polygon. Arbitrum enters the picture with all its benefits, including faster transactions and economic costs. Another factor that makes Arbitrum a potential contender is the launch of several projects on the network in the past.

The first multichain bridge will link BNB and Arbitrum. A clear timeline is yet to be shared; however, the same can be expected to conclude at the earliest. Assuming projects start dropping from the next month, the coming week will be crucial to speed up bridging the two chains.

Arbitrum is also a potential candidate to be added as the first chain for SFUN farming, in addition to adding liquidity to the trading pair of SFUND/ARB.

The two projects that will remain at the center of the multichain advancement are Web3 gaming and AI. These projects will either be exclusively available on Arbitrum or they will be bridged to Arbitrum right from the very beginning

Web3 gaming has already attracted a large number of developers and players. The same is expected to work for Seedify. It is likely to grow at a faster rate with the backing of Arbitrum’s mechanism, which brings with it the benefit of lower costs and faster transactions. The tentative timeline quotes indicate that the projects will start dropping in April. Needless to say, that could soon change and be pushed to a later month.

Arbitrum chain will also host the staking pools of SFUND, making it easier for people to conveniently join and stake the launches that come in the future.

Seedify’s team has concluded the announcement in a blog post by highlighting that it will now explore new territories while adding more members to the community. Seedify is widely recognized as the incubator and launchpad for Web3 games, the metaverse, non-fungible tokens, and artificial intelligence. The team is currently pursuing the development of Seedworld, a social gaming metaverse that is based on UGC.

It has already claimed that it aspires to dominate the launchpad market. Seedify has been aggressive in terms of the number of monthly launches it records. It began with an improvement to the launchpad tier system, continued with a foray into blockchain games, and concluded with as many launches as possible on the platform.

Per the figures shared by Seedify, it has registered an ROI of 44x for every launch with a market cap of over $350 million.

Bridging Arbitrum and expanding the multichain series is the next obvious step that is coming at the right time.

Trevor Holman

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