STP Network Receives Strategic Investment From Ontology

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology look forward to spreading its wings, the theme of collaboration seems to be helping their cause. Unlike other industries, companies are coming together in the field of open ledger technology to leverage from each other’s expertise. A case in point is the recent strategic investment made by Ontology in Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) network. STP announced in this regard through its Twitter handle.

The STP took to the micro-blogging website to declare the next level of cooperation it and Ontology have reached now.

Ontology and STP Network:

Just so you know, Ontology is a project in the domain of public blockchain and offers a platform for collaborative projects in the distributed ledger technology. Its blockchain Framework is quite popular among the public platforms and among others; the primary reason behind its popularity is that users can customize its framework to suit their business requirements and different kind of projects. This platform supports all the groups having protocols and it also provides collaboration opportunities for different projects. STP, on the other hand, is working in the domain of issuing the token and other kinds of digital assets. Its primary area of expertise involves improving the working and processes related to tokenization of digital assets and make them compliant with protocols. In fact, using the STP ecosystem, one can eliminate the various kind of hassles associated with the monotonous and repetitive processed related to the back-end.

Strategic Investment and Collaborative Opportunities:

Coming back to the strategic investment, Ontology will gain access to the resources and infrastructure of STP through this move and that, in turn, will help its community to grow around the globe. The possible area of collaboration where the expertise of STP can come handy for Ontology includes marketing and operational activities, acquisition, and retention of new community members, and most importantly, in developing a framework for tokenization on Ontology’s blockchain. The latter will help the Oncology to launch new digital assets on its own blockchain network while bringing financial and brand value to both organizations.

Global Agenda:

Both companies are also looking forward to extending their cooperation and collaboration on a global level. Particularly, we can witness the extended cooperation between Ontology and STP in the Asian markets as well as Western countries where a large portion of the market is still to be tapped. Both the companies are planning to organize joint events, marketing and promotional activities, and other allied programs in order to support the integration of their communities with each other. Crypto experts and analysts agree that the strength of the relationship that develops on the back of some kind of investment (in this particular case strategic investment) is far stronger than the other kinds of agreements or joint ventures signed between different organizations. The fact that one company has invested the money brings credibility to the whole relationship as both the partners become serious about their collaboration and really strives to achieve a common goal with honest intentions.

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