Swapr integrates OpenOcean to boost DeFi capabilities

It is a matter of great pride for Swapr as the widest-reaching aggregator will be integrated into Swapr. The creative folks at Swapr are excited to welcome OpenOcean into the Swapr.

Integrating a prominent DeFi aggregator into the trading platform is a tremendous achievement for Swapr. It is a testimony to their commitment to providing their users with access to liquidity and a great trading experience. 

The algorithm of OpenOcean is designed in such a way that it finds the very best trading routes across multiple decentralized finance markets. It ensures that users get the best rates with the most minor slippage possible, and Swapr expands its user trading capacity by integrating OpenOcean into Swapr. The amazing feature of Swapr is that it gives access to a wider spectrum of tokens and liquidity pools across different networks.

The capability to quickly expand into new networks is the most significant advantage of integrating the best aggregator into Swapr. OpenOcean’s broad reach across multiple chains ensures that Swapr users receive new networks added easily. Guy P, OpenOcean Lead BD and Growth, has said that OpenOcean is delighted to support new projects looking to tackle issues faced by traders. He believes that Swapr, coupled with a unique aggregation approach, will be a critical value add to the space, offering traders access to liquidity pools. Swapr’s eco-router analyses the price of all aggregators and will choose the best option for us.

Swapr ensures that users obtain the best price for the token they are eager to buy. Trying out this new feature and experiencing the difference will be a marvelous experience. Swapr is a multi-chain automated market maker blessed with smart features, including eco-router swaps, concentrated liquidity farming, and bridging. It is powered by the DXDao ecosystem, a decentralized autonomous organization that develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products.

The team at Swapr is keen on building power tools for the decentralized finance ecosystem. The ultimate focus of Swapr is decentralization and privacy by using ENS(Ethereum Naming Service), a domain naming system as a domain, and IPFS(Interplanetary File System), focusing on creating a decentralized network for storing files as a host.

Swapr is deeply concerned about the privacy of users, and a forward-looking vision characterizes them. OpenOcean is a world-class DEX aggregator known for integrating liquidity sources across many blockchains into one trading interface. Swapr is deployed on Ethereum mainnet, xDAi, and Arbitrum.

It is wonderful to note that OpenOcean has emerged as a one-stop trading solution thanks to the innovative mindset of its makers. Swapr is a governance-enabled AMM, and adjustable fees are its key attraction apart from being a prominent DeFi power tool. It gives infinite options for swapping, farming, and bridging without worrying about user privacy. The success and popularity of both Swapr and OpenOcean are mind-blowing. It is truly amazing that two industry tycoons have partnered on a creative mission. Swapr had recently started a discussion about Swapr liquidity among different chains on the leading social media platform X.

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