Decred (DCR) News

Launched in 2016, Decred (DCR) is a blockchain based, open-source cryptocurrency. It is a private cryptocurrency, an altcoin created to offer a higher level of anonymity and privacy. Decred’s developers plan to provide smart currency linked to the Lightning Network, a sidechain ecosystem that is designed to resolve Bitcoin’s scalability issues for big organizations like banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, and businesses. Decred’s smart contracts with Lightning Network could make payments automatically in Decred (DCR) or Bitcoin (BTC). In addition, these smart contracts can tie in Liquid Network and many other planned DCR solutions. Some key features of Decred software include censorship resistant blockchain anchor public proposal platform, a creative hybrid proof of stake and proof of work consensus voting system, a smart contract that works like Lightning Network, cross-platform wallet for easiness of usage and cross-chain atomic swap between diverse digital currencies. Decred can work out on a broad range of platforms simultaneously. Decred has a cross-platform and GUI wallet known as Decrediton, and it is available for Linus, Windows and MacOS users. Command-line utilities and wallet also are available for a range of platforms.
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