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As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming mainstream in the industrial arena, more and more people are turning their heads towards this new age technology arena. It is not new for entities launching their products with a lucrative ICO promising massive returns to the investors. This has been a normal scene in the crypto marketspace in the past few years. Though the market is flooded with projects to invest in, only a few of them manage to survive for a long time by winning the trust of the investors and giving them their aspired returns.

One such promising blockchain-pegged digital platform is TenX, which makes crypto spending convenient, secure, and instant. The Singapore-based Fintech firm renders the investors with a golden opportunity to employ their digital holdings for their day to day operations at ease by providing a debit card payment system.

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About TenX Wallet

Crypto wallets play an important role in the manifestation of trading activities as they help the investors to enjoy hassle-free trading at their convenience. The TenX wallet allows the owners to send and receive digital currencies at any time and from anywhere. Where on other wallet networks, the owners have to wait for days to receive the funds, the TenX wallet owners receive their funds on the next business day itself. By allowing instant digital currency swaps into fiat currencies, the platform has become a hot-shot solution for people to use for carrying out their everyday activities.

Prominent features of the TenX Wallet

  • Sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies is easy and is performed in a user-friendly manner.
  • One can keep track of all the transactions performed through the wallet in real-time as well as later in the transaction history feature. Notifications are sent to the owners as and when the transactions are executed.
  • The use of 2-factor authentication helps to keep the digital holdings and accounts of the owners secured at all times.

About TenX Card

TenX Card is one of the most important and popular products of the TenX community. The card helps the investors to use their assets as per their choice. TenX cards are supported by Visa, the leading payment processing network in the world, which makes the crypto cards eliminate the issues related to scalability. All one has to do is fill in their TenX wallets with their favorite digital currencies and they are good to go for spending them anywhere and anytime. At present, the TenX cards support BTC and ETH coins only, though, the platform is adamant about including more currencies in the near future.

The owners of the TenX cards can spend their assets to purchase anything of their choice by withdrawing their holdings from any ATM around the world. To ensure the highest security standards, the card can be locked and unlocked at the choice of the owner. The release of TenX cards has boosted crypto mass adoption in a big way.

The Steps To Follow

  1. Download the TenX wallet app and create an account by setting up the 2-Factor authentication.
  2. Put in cryptocurrencies into your wallet and place an order for the TenX card on the app.
  3. Go shopping with your card.

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