The Sandbox collaborates with ERM LABS to bring escape game rooms!

The Sandbox has gone ahead and formed an exclusive association with ERM LABS. This entity is a Web3 accelerator platform offering disruptive solutions for real-world entertainment. This is when ERM LABS will see itself entering the virtual world. This venture will begin building real-time escape room intellectual properties (IPs) inside of the Sandbox’s 12 x 12 piece of land, known as the Escape Room Metaverse (ERM). It will play the role of a virtual gaming spot responsible for extreme escape room exposure. Various gaming studios are going to come together and help build game puzzles and logic. digital frameworks and products, and framework designs within The Sandbox. 

At the time of ERM LAB’s initial activation in collaboration with MVCON and Metaverse Sydney, the company’s founder, Wing Wu, was asked how the metaverse influences real life and its usefulness. In his reply, he mentioned that the dividing line between the real world and the virtual world is almost non-existent, and with each passing day, the overlap is becoming more evident. He said that as the biggest possessor of escape room IPs on the metaverse, the collaboration will now introduce ways and means of bringing together game followers into the escape room gameplay and providing them with an absolutely unique metaverse exposure. 

The TWW collection stems from real-world escape rooms in North America and scours the mythical world in the metaverse. The initial iconic, Atlantis-The Lost Kingdom, is played by a sole gamer and was built by the Blockdork Studio, utilizing The Sandbox Game Maker o.8. RNG method was also used to make certain substitute endings, along with the incorporation of prime attributes. These were in the form of fresh lighting systems, sound effects, and fitting visuals to provide gamers with a unique narrative and difficult-to-solve puzzle games. 

The collaboration of the two entities will be witnessing carefully created experiences, as well as assets that the gamers can either use to design their own creations or simply buy them. Players who land up solving the many puzzles thrown at them will be in the position of obtaining incentives, as well as NFTs in the form of awards. All in all, this will eventually let them have gaming exposure like never before.

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