TokenPocket announces partnership with SFT Protocol

TokenPocket has published an official blog post to share that it has partnered with the SFT Protocol. This has stirred a lot of excitement among the community, with the core teams being equally happy about the development. This is evident from the tweet in which TokenPocket referred to SFT Protocol as its new friend, and SFT Protocol responded that it is excited to partner with them.

The core objective is to take blockchain and cryptocurrency to new heights. Personally, for TokenPocket, the SFT Protocol assists in achieving the title of being the fastest and most reliable infrastructure in the Web3 sphere. Moreover, the SFT Protocol brings along solutions for staking the liquidity of the POS blockchain and providing cloud node API plus equipment services.

In return, SFT Protocol will get listed on TokenPocket as a decentralized application. The partnership is instead an in-depth cooperation where both partners will work to provide a convenient product experience for LSD. While the experience will focus on computing blockchains and storage, users will ultimately feel the impact through the stability of staking liquidity.

The announcement of the partnership with SFT Protocol follows the announcement of the partnership with GoDID. Strategic in nature, the partnership looks forward to providing a reliable and all-in-one DID service to the owners of DID. The users’ experience will be optimized by TocketPocket, enabling them to build more DID Application scenarios.

SFT Protocol, a Web3 infrastructure company, functions to boost the adoption of artificial intelligence by leveraging the capabilities of AI data storage, LSD, optimized algorithms, privacy computing, and joining hands with research institutions that are spread across the globe.

TokenPocket is a self-custodial wallet that extends support to multiple public chains. These include ETH, BTC, Polygon, TRON, and Avalanche, among many others.

Known as a leader in the segment, TokenPocket has officially formed a trinity of mobile wallets, hardware wallets, and Chrome extension wallets. Users can use their devices to store the Private Key and the Secret Recovery Phrase. This ensures security and gives them complete control over their assets. To be precise, it has a user base of over 20 million people spread across the globe in more than 200 countries. Monthly active users for TokenPocket currently stand at 3.5 million, per the announcement blog post published by TokenPocket.

TokenPocket also serves as a key player for exchanging and transacting smoothly. Users can trade cryptocurrencies at TokenPocket regardless of their location or time difference. Cryptocurrencies can also be bought at TokenPocket with credit cards, following which it is up to the user to store it or send it to someone else. Cross-chain movement is feasible, with exchange being yet another function that is readily available with the same concept.

After partnering with GoDID, it is safe to assume that partnering with the SFT Protocol aligns with the mission of TokenPocket to enter as many partnerships as possible to boost its services and help the community advance over time.

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