Trezor Hardware Wallet Now Allow Users to Directly Exchange Cryptocurrency

It is a good week for cryptocurrencies as new enterprises are claiming their allegiance with the industry, along with blockchain technology assistance missions. The newest reports are from the service providers among the growing interest on a global platform, especially when it comes to digital wallets. The Trezor Hardware Wallet is now allowing the users to make a direct cryptocurrency exchange within the beta wallet’s interface.

The added ability will help the users to exchange between eleven different cryptocurrencies and digital assets and without compromising their funds in the meantime. The upgraded Trezor wallet allows the users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies within the digital wallet by using the beta wallet version released by the firm. The new beta wallet is mostly similar to the existing traditional interface, but there are some features which will soon implement for the clients.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

The official announcement by the firm was made on Twitter on September 19 and launched their beta servers to use. This upgrade will help the clients to purchase the cryptocurrencies from exchanges as well as trade their present digital assets on that trading platform itself.

For using the beta server, you will see that both the pages look identical and you will have to plug your Trezor and login to begin. The difference will be the new exchange tab where you, as a client, will have to read the disclaimer and accept the conditions that allow you to exchange with the third party.

The wallet users will be able to trade Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and Zcash. These coins will be available to choose from in a drop-down menu feature in the beta version of the digital wallet.

Trezor Hardware Wallet Now Allow Users to Directly Exchange Cryptocurrency

The requirements are similar to the traditional interface requirements, but some of the exchanges might require KYC (Know Your Customer) approval for using this new feature. The marketing manager of the firm detailed on Twitter that even though passing the KYC requirements is optional, there might be some exchanges who demands it and the customer will be notified about it and can reject the intrusion.

The reports suggest that Trezor Hardware Wallet will soon be the part of Keepkay as a manufacturer hardware wallet owned by Shapeshift that allows the cryptocurrency exchanges and receives incoming trades as well. The ability to allow trading and exchanges within the digital wallet itself seems like an interesting way of web acquisition in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose the best crypto wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies. Visit here to know more about how the crypto wallets or Hardware Wallet works.

But will this be what the clients of the platform are looking for? Does it guarantee safety to privacy and funds of the clients? It will clear our questions once it is available for all its customers after the current beta server feedback.

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