TRON and OKEx Announce “Merry Giveaway” Program

World-class leaders in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, TRON network and OKEx crypto exchange have announced the news of their joint collaboration ‘Merry Giveaway’ going live for the customers.

According to the official announcement made by the two globally reputed blockchain entities, the TRON-USDT Merry Giveaway offer will begin from November 21, 2019, at 00:00 and will continue till 23:59, December 3, 2019 (HKT).

The Details About The Merry Giveaway

Offering No.1- Deposit Assets to win up to 33% APR along with 2 million free TRC20-USDT digital currency

  1. The signup process
  • First Round- The first round of the process will begin from 00:00, November 21, 2019, and will end at 23:59, November 24, 2019 (HKT). The customers have to deposit their TRC20-USDT tokens into the OKEx exchange during this time to enter the first round of the program.
  • Second Round- This phase will kickstart from 00:00, November 25, 2019, and will end at 23:59, November 28, 2019 (HKT). During this time, the customers shall deposit their tokens to become a part of the second round.
  • Third Round- For entering the third phase, the customers will have to deposit their tokens in the OKEx account between 00:00, November 29, 2019, to 23:59, December 3, 2019 (HKT).
  1. Interest Rate Calculation
  • 4 days, from 00:00, November 21, 2019, to 23:59, November 24, 2019 (HKT)
  • 4 days, from 00:00, November 25, 2019, to 23:59, November 28, 2019 (HKT)
  • 4 days, from 00:00, November 29, 2019, to 23:59, December 3, 2019 (HKT)

During the above-mentioned time slots, the users need to hold a minimum net daily average of TRC20-USDT balance (which signifies the smaller value between the net new deposit and the account balance of the day):

  • The customers who will be in possession of a new daily average balance of 1,000 to 100,000 TRC20-USDT tokens shall qualify for the event. They will be entitled to 8% APR on November 25, November 29, and December 3.
  • The investors who will be having a net daily average balance of 100,000 TRC20-USDT tokens or more will get the golden opportunity to earn 33% APR on November 25 and 8% APR on November 29 and December 3.

Offering No.2- Referring friends to join Merry Giveaway

  1. Eligibility- The Giveaway program will give a fair chance to the users to earn 10 TRC-USDT tokens for free by inviting friends on the platform. The invitees need to complete the KYC2 authentication successfully and shall have a net daily average of a minimum of 100 TRC20-USDT tokens for 3 days or more before the closure of the program.
  2. Steps to be followed- A user needs first to sign up or log in to their personal OKEx personal account. Then, he/she should click on the Invite Friends option, which will be on the left of the OKEx logo at the top of the homepage of the website. Lastly, one needs to click it and send it to their friends.

Offering No.3- Win Up To 3000 TRC20-USDT in a winning streak

During the giveaway program, there will be the selection of 3 lucky winners on Nov 25, Nov 29, and Dec 3 each day through a lucky draw. The users need to hold a net daily average balance of 50,000 TRC20-USDT tokens or more to become a part of the lucky draw. The winners of the lucky draw will get 1,000 TRC-USDT free of cost.

Also, the investors who aspire to take part in the subsequent lucky draws after participating in the first one, need to have a net daily average balance of 50,000 TRC20-USDT or more for a period from November 25 to December 2.

Rewards Distribution Process

The lucky winners shall get their rewards within 15 working days after the closure of the event on December 3. The names of the winners of Offering No. 3 will be declared through a public announcement.

On an important note, the platform has notified the customers that during the event, it will take snapshots of the assets of all the participating account holders for a minimum of 50 times on a regular basis. A person shall be disqualified if found involved in click farming or owning multiple accounts.

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