Tron-based USDT to Launch in Three Days, Justin Sun Says

Tron is one of the known and popular cryptocurrencies and blockchain platform in the global crypto space. Crypto community loves this product and despite all the controversies which are shadowing this product, the founder of TRON Foundation Justin Sun is considered as one of the most influencing personalities in the crypto space.

Recently, Tron entered in partnership in BitTorrent and now is the CEO of both the firms. He has conducted many partnerships deals with a sole aim of exploiting Tron’s potential. He not only wants to cash in its position in the market in terms of capitalization but also in terms of its adoption rate and real-world usability (to compete with Tether). Tether is the creator of USDT, the world’s largest Stablecoin.

While answering the questions raised by the Crypto Chick, Justin Sun said it would soon be launching the most awaited Tron-USDT token on the platform in this month on 9th. He revealed that considering the benefits provided by Tron platform, many investors are ready to operate in this crypto (Stablecoin). He said that the company is getting tons of requests from these investors and hence he would do everything he can, to fulfill their demand.

Justin Sun says that Tron is way better than Omni and Ethereum. He said that one feels like operating in Tron as it is reliable, cost-effective and operates at a good speed which makes it the best choice, especially if one is expecting high transaction volumes.

He said that

“Most of the congestion and the bad experience of the Stablecoin comes from the Omni blockchain because this is an obsolete solution with extremely expensive, slow and also unreliable infrastructure for the Stablecoin, so once we get to this better infrastructure I think the whole blockchain community will be benefited from this.”

A present, Tether’s USDT is the most important Stablecoin in the crypto-space. It is the only Stablecoin which has found a place in the top 10 of CMC. Justin Sun said that he wants to get 20 million dollars in USDT-Tron coin for the early coin adopters just the way USDT did.

“This just like the TRX – BTT airdrop we have been doing before… We just airdrop assets to those addresses without touching any of the assets at all.”

Roxanne Williams

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