Justin Sun Invites People To Join Tron: Claims To Reach 500 Employees By The Year End

The Tron Foundation is Hiring, and CEO Justin Sun is inviting TRX believers to join the team. Yesterday, the millennial CEO boasted of the thriving company by mentioning their hiring in a market where the others are cutting staff- on the social media of Twitter.

Justin released a tweet mentioning that while other companies in the market have been laying people off, Tron has expanded its staff from a mere number of 30 to a huge count of 355 members in just 500 days. He also talked about TRON having one new talent joining the company team every two days and asserting that the number of staffers will reach 500 by the end of 2019. He also urged the people on Twitter to join the posse of new staff by providing a link to apply for a job at Tron.

This is not the first instance of Justin getting on to social media to directly announce regarding vacancies at the company. In July last year, CEO Sun tweeted a photo of his company I.D. with a number extremely hard to ignore: 000001.

Another direct instance of Justin Sun asking for TRON believers to join the team was when he went on to announce that the company was on the lookout for global members to include in the Core TRONICS team responsible for ensuring that the TRON foundation fit into place- existing as well as new members through a decentralized community based process.

As much of an effortless prerequisite, it might seem to obtain and acquaint so many new hires for the startup founding youth. It is particularly noteworthy in this time of recent economizing by other firms and projects in a long drawn out crypto bear market.

Mining giant Bitmain along with Ethereum studio ConsenSys, and several Token projects like Nebulas and BlockEx have made major cutbacks of staff.

Cliff Edwards, a spokesman for Tron, has earlier said,

the reason the Company has been growing business is because of their execution, while those have poorly formed business plans or are not executing are cutting their staff and retrenching.

Tron Foundation has been doing pretty well these days with its Token nearly doubling in value since the start of the year, making the Coin rank quite high among the cryptocurrencies according to the market cap.

But as far as it goes to taking Justin Sun’s word in the account for how successful the company is, people are at crossroads. The graduate of the prestigious Hupan University has come forward in the past with many statements that still lack the mark of credibility. With controversies of faking social media numbers as a form of marketing tactics, running phony Tesla competitions, repartees of fake partnerships with a lot more serious cryptocurrency companies attached to its name, it is difficult to take the company seriously.

However, if Tron does end up living up to its hype, it will surely have to do that on more technological grounds as now, it stands in the limelight.

Scott Cook

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