TRON partners with Pundi X to foster crypto adoption

TRON, an internationally acclaimed company in the blockchain arena, has formed an association with Pundi X. This company offers blockchain-oriented point-of-sale (POS) services. The highlight of this association is the incorporation of PundiX’s XPOS platform with the TRON network. This was made possible by the TronLink Wallet. The users of TRON will now have the option of carrying out transactions and supervising their digital assets.

By leveraging the capabilities of the XPOS device via the Tronlink wallet to synchronize the TRON network, TRON reinforces its pledge to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in routine retail transactions. The XPOS device is characterized by its user-friendly attributes and efficient execution of cryptocurrency transactions. It will now support the expansive TRON ecosystem in addition to its standard utility token, TRX. There will be an array of TRC-20 tokens appended to that. TRON and Pundi X will serve as a bridge between digital currency and traditional commerce.

The incorporation will include notable features, such as streamlined transactions, in which users will be able to execute cryptocurrency trades using the XPOS device in conjunction with their TronLink wallets. Furthermore, complete assurance of all safety protocols will be provided.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, the association with TRON will help narrow down cryptocurrency activities and make them more user-friendly. In his viewpoint, the XPOS has witnessed a rise of 47% in terms of USDT transactions on the TRON network, which will lead them towards bringing blockchain technology on the mainline in the case of transactions with cryptocurrencies. 

The Ecosystem Lead at TRON DAO, Dave Uhryniak, agrees with Cheah and adds that the association with Pundi X is significant for increasing the utilization of cryptocurrency.

The engagement between TRON and Pundi X will change the way consumers connect with cryptocurrencies in real-life situations. A fact needs to be mentioned: the TRON network tokens on XPOS devices and the products of Pundi X are out of reach for US citizens.

TRON DAO is a decentralized application-based blockchain (dApp) and community-governed DAO that was established to accelerate the decentralization of the internet. H.E. Justin Sun proclaimed its inception in 2017. The incorporation of BitTorrent, a company specializing in decentralized Web3 solutions, marked the mainnet introduction of the platform in 2018. The platform boasts a monthly user base exceeding 100 million. Over 6.6 billion transactions have been executed on the TRON network, which is comprised of over 192.59 million user accounts on the blockchain. $17.84 billion is the current TVL.

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