VICUNA Metaverse, Digital-Life Experience Like Never Before

OSTD is a UAE-based licensed technology company that has launched a multidimensional project, VICUNA, which will bring real-life experiences in e-commerce. The project has been introduced with a vision to solve prevalent issues of e-commerce platforms to enable a better experience.

Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2022, the VICUNA ecosystem offers users VINA FitNet, which uses modern technology to allow online buyers to try a product on their virtual selves before buying it and earn by any action related to the perfume/fashion industry. The VR with smell further enhances the shopping experience.

The platform features buyers, sellers, and reviewers who will have the opportunity to earn through their participation in multiple activities happening on the VICUNA FitNet. The 21st-century technology of the pattern recognition method by VICUNA enables users to monetize any kind of activity in the metaverse allowing them novel and potential passive income opportunities.

A unique Meta-ID will be created for customers to protect them against cyberspace concerns and identity theft threats. The ID will allow users to enter the platform without using their real financial/bank information or credit/debit card details. VICUNA will use Meta-IDs to let customers stay anonymous, keeping their real identities hidden.

The ID will be used to make sales and purchases and communicate with other ecosystem members. The Metaverse ID and Credit feature will allow buyers to store credit which will determine their credit power for sales and purchases, keeping the identity safe and secure. The engagement platform will allow public gatherings, yet private ones.

The crypto ecosystem of the project is VINA Token, the private sale of which was conducted in June 2022. The Binance-Smart-Chain (BSC) technology and BEP20 generated 4.5 Billion VINA Tokens that were out for sale at the inaugural price of $0.02, which has seen exponential growth in the span of 3 months, a surge in the value of tokens.

The public presale started in September, and the token is in the middle Pre-Public Sale phase, which will be followed by Public Presale in November 2022. VINA Tokens can be purchased at Vina Token Pre-Public Sale. The token will soon be listed on the major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

The mega-scale VICUNA project is divided into phases, launched in the first quarter of 2022; the last quarter of 2022 will be completed by the launch of Public Sale and VINA Verse, where people will enter a real-life enriched virtual world. Users will use the sense of touch and smell in the VINA Verse along with offerings like 4D restaurants. VINA MetaZoo and FitNet will be launched in the first and second phases of 2023, respectively. 

VINA MetaZoo is a step towards protecting the endangered animals on the planet. The MetaZoo will have animals that users can meet and pet. It is a charity-oriented initiative by the VICUNA project to support and raise awareness against animal cruelty and its consequences on the Earth’s ecosystem due to animal extinction.

VICUNA will use the democratized advertisement model, which minimizes businesses’ digital marketing costs. Through this model, sellers will pay for an advertisement based on Cost-Per-Sale, and VICUNA provides guaranteed users/ads participants to get their sell rewards by the VICUNA algorithm.

The project aims to expand the horizons of earnings through social media platforms. The project brings buyers, sellers, service providers, and just simple users under one roof. The developers of the project shared.

‘VICUNA is a metaverse platform that can solve all of the problems that the e-commerce industry is currently facing. This cutting-edge platform employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to deliver an unrivaled one-of-a-kind e-commerce experience.’

For more details and information, visit their website. Join their Telegram for the latest updates.

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