Web3 Galaxy’s First Flagship Expedition Set at Dubai’s Landmark Spot During Crypto Month

Web3 Galaxy’s 2022 Expedition is ready for liftoff and landing its first flagship in Dubai, 17-18 October, gathering all the stars in the galaxy to delve into the world of Web3 with an extraordinary in-person event.

Landed in Dubai, Get Ready for an Unprecedented Expedition

Web3 Galaxy aims to shine during the crypto month in Dubai and has announced the premiere of their Web3 Flagship Expedition in Dubai on October 17-18, 2022. The event is set to be held in the iconic place Jumeirah Beach Hotel for 2 exciting days of inspiring talks, fun activities, and panel discussions from over 80 industry leaders.

This is symbolized by Web3 Galaxy’s out-of-this-world space theme, inviting attendees on a voyage to explore deep into the realms of NFTs, DAO, Web3 Infrastructure, and DeFi. As Web3 Galaxy wants to take all the participants on an exploration of the future and a new world of Web3.

Exciting Activities to Look Forward to

Web3 Galaxy has prepared an event to tantalize all of the senses like no other. The conference is more like an industry festival with two expedition days; the most cutting-edge business areas of Web3 will be showcased through interactive demos and use cases from builders.

The Expedition’s space exploration theme lets participants navigate and experience multiple exciting stations, including a Web3 fair, startup station, activity station, VIP lounge, and workshops. The activity area will give attendees a true opportunity to play in the metaverse, which is what many travelers from all over the globe experience.

Some of the most promising startups will take the stage to present their latest innovations in front of a packed auditorium and esteemed industry judges, including investors, Web3 leaders, leading incubators, and accelerators.

Web3 Galaxy, Adds Spice to Web3 Events

Web3 Galaxy is a world tour of unique events for people in the industry to gather, communicate, and cooperate. The new brand focuses on displaying real use cases and scouting new star projects. 

Web3 is an industry that’s still developing and ripe for mass adoption. As a new Web3 event brand started in April 2022, Web3 Galaxy introduces a different level of events to gather Web3 communities from all over the world in the concept of cosmos.

Web3 Galaxy emphasizes experience and in-person communication in all of its events, from meet-ups and road, shows to conferences. Personal experiences speak louder than words, so the young brand adds highly interactive activities to their events to create lasting memories and also differentiate themselves from other players.

Save the Date and Buy Your Tickets Now!

Web3 Galaxy Expedition will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge into the space and future of Web3. This is the chance to network and meet with other builders, investors, mentors, and experts.

Explore the universe of Web3 in Dubai, October 16-18! Tickets are now available to purchase! Grab your tickets at https://www.Web3galaxy.world/

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