Animoca Brands Japan and HashPalette help globalize Web3 gaming

Animoca Brands Japan, a key affiliate of Animoca Brands, has formed a partnership with HashPalette. The joint goal is to provide enough support for the international expansion of Japan’s Web3 gaming industry. The deal states that Animoca Brands will help promote HashPalette’s THE LAND ELF Crossing (THE LAND) in the run-up to the game’s international launch.

HashPalette is an affiliate of HashPort Inc (HashPort), which is active in NFTs. The company provides business association solutions based on SoulBound Token (SBT), as well as a platform for developing Web3 wallets for financial businesses.

Animoca Brands Japan and HashPalette will work together on HashPalette’s metaverse blockchain game, The LAND. They will also be responsible for advertising the association with Animoca Brands’ ecosystem, which is being established through its collection of enterprises. Furthermore, THE LAND will be presented to international enthusiasts through the collaborative efforts of international partners.

Seihaku Yoshida, the founder, chairman, and CEO of HashPalette, asserts that the company’s partnership with Animoca Brands Japan will result in advantageous developments. He revealed that THE LAND ELF Crossing is Japan’s first blockchain game token, IEO, boasting more than 150,000 pre-listed users. The global distribution of THE LAND will be accelerated through this collaboration.

According to Minh Do, the COO of Animoca Brands, the collaboration with HashPalette will revolutionize the way Web3 users are exposed in Japan through the provision of blockchain games and Web3 wallet solutions. This pertains to the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, during which it assumes the persona of a HashPort Group entity.

Daisuke Iwase, the chief executive officer of Animoca Brands Japan, stated that the partnership with HashPalette will grant THE LAND ELF Crossing the means to expand internationally.

HashPalette will handle all the administrative tasks related to publishing blockchain games, from creating the framework to allocating content. Its most notable accomplishment is the creation of the Palette Chain, a network of blockchain nodes that maximizes the distribution of Palette tokens (PLTs) and NFTs. Additionally, it runs PLT Place.

HashPalette has released the blockchain-based metaverse farming game THE LAND ELF Crossing. Reward systems are implemented in THE LAND via the release of products manufactured through crop production, which can then be applied to the construction of communities. In exchange for ELF tokens, specific products may be withdrawn from the game in the form of NFTs.

Animoca Brands Japan is an affiliate of the leading Web3 enterprise Animoca Brands Corporation Limited.  The company’s founders set out to help Japanese publishers, schools, and sports teams—among many other verticals—accomplish their international Web3 aspirations.

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