Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Analysis : Gearing Partnerships can Raise BAT in 2019

Basic Attention Token or BAT is a blockchain based ad-platform that aims to improve online advertising by removing the third party ad exchanges. In this way, it can protect user privacy, reduce ad fraud and share revenue with users to reward them for their attention. It is combined with a new browser, called as BRAVE and a utility token which relies on ethereum called as BAT. With the combination of these two, it has created a decentralized online advertising platform. Users of this platform can transact with BAT token.

Current status of BAT

BAT is currently getting traded at USD 0.195682. It is holding the 25th market position in the cryptocurrency arena in terms of its market cap. It has a circulating supply of 1,240,566,787 BAT, worth of $242,756,926 USD. Its current value has been raised by 3.79% with respect to its earlier price.

Price analysis of BAT on the basis of Basic Attention Token charts

BATBAT has a trading value of 0.195962 USD or 0.00005012 BTC. Its current market cap is worth of 243,104,408 USD, and its current 24h volume has a trading value of 17,108,740 USD. From the same chart above, it is evident that approx. One month earlier, BAT had a trading value of 0.131533 USD. So, considering these two price points, we can say that the value of BAT has been raised by 48.98% in this approx. One month period. Its earlier price point of 0.155898 USD has provided a good support resistance to its price hike.

Future price predictions of BAT

A couple of months earlier, Brendan Eich, founder of BAT had hinted his partnership with a content publishing house, and it is estimated that with this partnership, there will be more than 80 million users per month. It is also assumed that with this, there will be two source of revenues- revenues generated from micropayments and adverts for individual content and revenue for general access.

According to Crypto Ground, BAT is expected to trade around $0.2182 by the end of this year, and in 5 years, it can rise to $0.9139. Digital Coin’s prediction is also optimistic in this regard, and they have forecasted that BAT can have a value of $0.2141 by the end of 2019 and by 2025, it can have a value of $0.545. According to Trading Beasts, BAT can trade around $0.25 by the end of 2019.


From the above price prediction and as per experts’ Basic Attention Token Predictions, it is cleared that BAT can have a trading value of $0.21-$0.34 by the end of 2019. As the crypto market is highly volatile now, it is unpredictable to assure of the handsome profits from either long or short-term investment on BAT. But, as this crypto has much to bring in the upcoming days and there will be a subsequent rise in its users also, so, it is quite apprehensible that if the market remains less volatile, its value can higher up and can bring good profits from long term investment.

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