BitBrawl partners with Animoca Brands for Gaming Breakthrough

BitBrawl, the pioneering cross-chain platformer fighting game, has formed a relationship with Animoca Brands, a well-recognized player in blockchain gaming, to enhance its gaming further. The gaming industry is again experiencing a renewed interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse gaming. This alliance is a key milestone for the blockchain gaming sector, which has been experiencing a moderate decline in the past few months.

Launched in 2023, BitBrawl is an innovative platform fighter game built on the Solana blockchain. It fuses the thrill of competitive gaming with the growing world of NFT collections, providing gamers with an unmatched fighting experience. Players can participate in active combats involving the characters of NFT projects, embracing over 15 collections such as DeGods, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Pudgy Penguin, Mad Lads, and many more.

The uniqueness of BitBrawl is driven by its innovative use of NFT collections that enable users to turn their virtual collections into playable avatars in the game. This introduces an exciting level of complexity and customization to the gameplay. In addition, BitBrawl is designed to be an inclusive platform compatible with PC, iOS, Android, Steam, and the Epic Store, making it available to a broad range of players and offering a seamless experience.

Amidst the competitive landscape of fighting games using NFTs as characters, BitBrawl is a notable player among other platforms, such as Nifty League and Wreck League in the Web3 realm. The game’s original token, $BRAWL, is a gateway for users to purchase characters, skins, and all other in-game cosmetic items for a better gaming experience.

BitBrawl-Animoca collaboration is not just a conversion of partners but a significant step for the growth of BitBrawl. The game has already generated extensive interest from gamers and investors in just a short time. The fund has incomprehensibly generated the maximum investment from the world’s top VC companies, such as Morningstar Ventures, Shima Capital, BigBrain Holdings, and SL2 Capital, demonstrating its strong company position among its competitors.

By partnering with more than 100 NFT projects on Solana and Ethereum blockchains, BitBrawl has expanded the universe of playable characters, which adds to the game’s enjoyment. To this end, with its rich expertise and a pool of 500+ companies under its wing, BitBrawl is expected to scale up, attracting players and investors from the blockchain gaming sector with its innovations. This cooperation emphasizes the vibrancy and creativity in the blockchain gaming industry, thus exciting prospects for gamers and developers.

Scott Cook

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