Bitcoin Cash May Seek the Next Support at $296

  • Bitcoin Cash falls to 300 USD after losing 2.10%.
  • The next support of the coin may fall at 296 USD.

Bitcoin Cash has been religiously following the market trend, especially the king, Bitcoin. It has lost 2.10% in the last 1 day and now it is being traded near 300 USD. The coin has shown four major price shifts in the last 24 hours. In the short-term, the coin may see a dip little further.

BCH Price Statistics-

Bitcoin Cash 09th September 04:52 UTC
Rank 4th
ROI (Return on Investment) -45.77%
Coin Circulation 17,992,963 BCH
Market Cap 5,446,601,233 USD
Value in USD 300.82 USD
Value in BTC 0.02921808 BTC
24h Volume 1,284,616,797 USD

BCH to USD Price Comparison-

Bitcoin Cash Price
Bitcoin Cash Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin Cash was at 300 USD at the starting of the yesterday and within almost 4 hours, it gained 10.39 USD to reach 310 USD. Later, BCH Value fell by 4.78% to reach 295.92 USD by 11:08 UTC. The third swing happened over the next three and a half hours and it reached 307.42 by 14:36 UTC after a 3.90% increment. The last swing was a collective one and having two phases the coin lost 2.40% in the next 14 hours. The break happened 9 hours after near 308 USD, the starting point of the swing. At around 23:30 UTC the coin was being traded at 307 USD. The current value is roaming around 300 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction-

According to Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction, Bitcoin Cash is one of the top-ranked coins and the recent decline in the value is no exception to the whole market condition. In the medium-term, the coin may fall to the support of 296.22 USD. Investing in BCH for the short term may not be that fruitful as the long-term investment will be. And, it is also expected that by the end of 2025 or 2026, the BCH price will see tremendous growth.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
1st Resistance 311.0966667 USD
2nd Resistance 315.1833333 USD
3rd Resistance 320.5766667 USD
1st Support Level 301.6166667 USD
2nd Support Level 296.2233333 USD
3rd Support Level 292.1366667 USD

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