Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally seems to have a Conjunction with the Price Hike of Ethereum and XRP

Bitcoin price is strolling around $8000 past two days now, creating a range of $7500-8300. While in the last week BTC price had no boundaries at the rate at which it was rapidly mounting when the investors and Bitcoin lovers have had envisaged about the bulls of 2019 breaching the ones witnessed in 2017.

But now that it is likely to create a strong resistance at $8300 after crossing the $8000 price mark and support at the dip on $7600, BTC investors have begun looking into various investment options. These investment options are not nugatory; Ethereum and XRP are seemed to gain momentum on the board with relatively less money requirement.


The top 3 coins of the cryptomarket have a thriving graph from past seven days, with Bitcoin on the roll in the earliest days of past seven days, whereas Ethereum and XRP taking the ground in the later days, i.e. past the weekend.

BTC, ETH and XRP Motion Complement the Cryptomarket in the span of 7 days:

According to data feed from Trading View on the exchange of Coinbase as on 16th May at 9:13 UTC, the crypto coins are traded at the mentioned prices:

Bitcoin Price Chart

At the time of writing, BTC value as per the above Bitcoin price chart of seven days is $8042.63. According to the BTC Prediction and analysis, In the former part of the past week, Bitcoin is observed growing without any significant pullback. we expect the near future of Bitcoin could be as bright as the sun. It’s in last 48-50 hours that we see a slowdown motion in the rally of Bitcoin prices to attain new highs.

Ethereum Price Chart

While BTC seems to plan its pullback or a strong resistance at $8300 price mark, ETH just hit right in the later days of the week. In past 24-30 hours, it is seen escalating the market with its vogue no less than Bitcoin amongst the investors as it ranks 2nd in the cryptomarket. Currently, it is traded at 260.97, while ETH just attained the weekly high few hours ago.

Ripple Price Chart

XRP is nearly 50% down against Bitcoin irrespective of a reassembling movement at present. In spite of a booming market of BTC in comparison to XRP, we should not forget that XRP total supply, i.e. 99,991,633,428 XRP is way more than BTC total supply which is just 17,701,637 BTC and therefore is leading to a brief recovery in the declining prices. BTC to USD is currently at the highest price of 2019 and attained this height after a month’s lagging.

Also, it is important to note that BTC price change in past 24 hours is 0.89%, while it is 15.09% and 4.72% for ETH and XRP that make them rank on the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. This shows that they do not share any less limelight of the market and the potential investors to diversify the investment portfolios.

Mehak Punjabi

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