Brave Browser Creates Buzz by Making Wikipedia a Verified Publisher

Wikipedia, the ultimate source of information on the online arena, has joined hands with Brave browser to bring about a revolution in the advertising world.

The most widely used and trusted website in the world, Wikipedia, has partnered with Brave browser to shine in its esteemed list of verified publishers. With this partnership, moving forward Wikipedia will now be open to welcome tips, gratitudes, and donations in BAT. This will undoubtedly cause an elevation in the online encyclopedia’s revenue.

Brave Browser- The Revolutionary Platform for Advertising World

A brainwork of Brave Software Inc., Brave browser is a free and open-source web browser that facilitates users to support the websites with the Ethereum based token named BAT or Basic Attention Token. The users are given 70% of the total revenue while the leftover 30% is distributed between Brave and the advertisement publisher firm.

With the help of the decentralized portfolio, the advertising firms can directly build contact with their desired audience. Despite having a rough start, the current year brought several accolades to Brave browser’s credit. Today the browser boasts of some of the most prestigious and widely-used websites on its portal.

Some of the notable verified publisher’s that glorify Brave browser include social networking platform Twitter, Reddit, video platform Vimeo, along with British daily-The Bandwagon.

The not-so-usual approach and pedagogy of Brave browser have made it give a tough competition to online giants such as Google and Facebook who already have proven their mettle in the online marketing arena.

BAT Tokens to Become Wikipedia Contributor’s Favorite?

By making the seventh most visited website, Wikipedia, as its verified publisher, Brave browser has surely played a masterstroke as this is expected to increase the adoption levels of its reward program.

Wikipedia works on the donation-focused revenue model. A dedicated team of over one hundred and twenty thousand writers gives in their best to create reliable content for the readers while meeting the expenses on their own.

In 2017, the Wikimedia Foundation reported an annual income of over $109 million. Though there still hover clouds of uncertainty on relying on BAT coins as a reliable revenue source, these cryptocurrencies have the potential to earn essential revenues for Wikipedia in the future.

No matter how much more struggle Brave browser and its revolutionary crypto token BAT has to face to establish itself as a strong source of income for the contributors, the comprehensive step has indeed made the heads turn. The rising popularity of the platform is surely a thing to take notice of and applaud.

Scott Cook

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