Cardano Stands Out as a Topper Among the Staking Platforms

Cardano’s recent growth

The network of Cardano is all set to dominate the ranks of staked capitalization, and it is expected that the platform shall exceed its close competitor Polkadot as well. The reports of StakingRewards reveal that Cardano is the foremost Blockchain-driven platform with regard to the staked value of approximately $26.4 billion. With a giant market capitalization of $36.6 billion and 73% of ADA in circulation, Cardano is a staker who seems to have hit the jackpot of good fortune in the ever-fluctuating crypto asset market.

Cardano surpasses Polkadot as a staking platform

Even though both Polkadot and Cardano dominate the staking sector and represent almost 7.9% of the $620.6 billion of cryptocurrency assets, it seems that Cardano has magnificently surpassed Polkadot by almost $3 billion or more. Indeed, the users of Cardano staked at $28.95 billion, whereas the Polkadot users staked at $25.43 billion. Ever since the Shelley phase of July 2020, the count of active pools at Cardano has rapidly increased over time from a mere 700 to a whopping 2300, leading to the outstanding surpass of the staking platform.

Staking is a wonderful and secure way of earning a steady income compared to DeFi liquidity provision and crypto trading. While the latter is highly uncertain, the former wreaks impermanent but heavy losses every time there is a change in the price of the tokens.

What is the future of Cardano and will it continue to grow?

Cardano’s future seems brighter than ever, as indicated by the reports of StakingRewards that show that the stakers of the platform are raking in a yearly reward of 7.22%. It is expected by economists across the world that the growth of Cardano shall take the form of a steep incline, as indicated by the increase in NFT sales by almost 2000% in 2021. There has even been a huge sale of individual NFTs at auctions leading to the accumulation of billions of dollars. The mountainous sale volume of NFT has had a positive impact on the price of ADA, and the growth trajectory shall continue in the years to come according to recent Cardano price prediction.

What does Hoskinson think of crypto regulation?

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input-Output Global and the inventor of Cardano, believes that the cryptocurrency market shall now be made subject to a regulatory framework. Such a framework shall help prevent Ponzi trading and make the market more secure for one and all. Hoskinson is positive that the regulatory framework shall be approved by the House of Representatives of the nation.

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