Chainlink Keepers and VRF are Live on the Avalanche Network

Avalanche announced that its primary network had taken Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF live through integration. It is expected to benefit Avalanche developers and users alike through the security and functionality of applications.

The integration allows the community to leverage the automation of smart contracts. Thereby simplifying the DeFi experience. Smart Contract functions that can be automated include execution of limit orders, liquidation of undercollateralized positions, and harvesting yield from vaults, among many others.

Integrating Chainlink Keepers gives the developers of Avalanche a new way to enhance the uptime guarantees and security of their smart contract. The integration also helps minimize workload, lower the go-to-market time, add advanced features, and simplify the experience for a user.

Chainlink Keeper helps achieve these benefits by utilizing a decentralized network to monitor logic securely and efficiently off-chain. After predefined conditions are met, an on-chain transaction is initiated to execute a smart contract.

Oxtender, a Co-Founder of Crabada, stated that Chainlink’s trust-minimized services were critical for Web3 gaming projects. Oxtender appreciated Chainlink Keepers saying that its automated smart contract services save valuable time for the developer while also providing a tamper-proof source of randomness.

LB, the Founder of Grape Finance, said that Grape Finance chose Chainlink Keepers for its security and reliability automation of smart contract functionality. LB added that Chainlink Keepers save developers precious time by increasing the protocol’s efficiency. Chainlink VRF benefits the developers of Avalanche in more than one way.

It introduces a subscription management app, allowing smart contract applications to fund multiple requests for random values through a single token balance that can only be filled once. Users can adjust the callback limit of gas to a maximum of 2.5M gas, enabling the execution of more smart contract logic in the same transaction.

By leveraging a VRF Coordinator contract, Chainlink VRF allows users to request multiple random numbers in a single transaction, lowering the cost & reducing the response latency.

Chainlink VRF allows users to fund a maximum of a hundred smart contract addresses and fund their requests from a single subscription balance that the subscription owner manages.

Brendan Asselstine, the Chief Technical Officer of PoolTogether, said that the company uses Chainlink VRF on Avalanche to select winners in their V3 and V4 pools. What attracts them the most to this interaction is its unparalleled transparency & security. Emin Gun Sirer, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ava Labs, called the integration a fantastic milestone for Avalanche builders, adding that the ability of its builders to build & ship applications rapidly became much easier.

Chainlink has set an industry standard for others to follow. It powers the functionality of a hybrid smart contract on all the blockchains. Its oracle services allow the users to connect to any external API and leverage off-chain computations while securing billions of dollars from different industries. Avalanche is a smart contract platform known for its speed and lower cost.

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