Diamond Standard allows diamond investing with Oasis Pro and Avalanche

The asset-backed coin issued by Diamond Standard Commodities grants investors adequate access to an estimated $1.2T in natural resources via the Diamond Standard Fund. This coin represents an asset class that is accessible to diamonds, catering to exceptionally qualified investors, including pension funds and endowments, who have historically been unable to possess the commodities directly.

This fund is predominantly evaluated against the Diamond Standard Index, DIAMINDX, a Bloomberg-compliant benchmark. Additionally, an initial transparent platform is employed for the Diamond exchange.

The investors, on average, obtained an interest rate of 32% in the gold market and 19% in the silver market. Furthermore, 17% of the platinum market was acquired by the company. Taking into account the current market tenure, investors are said to own a mere 1% of the diamond market. This occurred predominantly as a result of declining subjectivity and standardization.

By endorsing Avalanche, a technology protected by a patent, Diamond Standard has taken an approach to resolving these emerging concerns. By combining blockchain tokenization with Real-World Assets (RWA), this extraordinary collaboration between industry titans improves essential advantages for issuers and investors, such as the ability to acquire assets with high liquidity, accessibility, and transparency.

Pat LaVecchia, founder and chief executive officer of Oasis Pro, stated that the introduction and tokenization of the Diamond Standard Fund on our platform signifies an additional progression in the development of capital markets.

Notably, it has been disclosed that the investment is IRA-eligible due to the initiated tokenized fund structure, allowing individuals to contribute pre-tax dollars. Thus, it furnishes a security vehicle that is already recognized by investors.

The objective of this fund is to utilize NAV Fund Administration Group, representing the principal fund administrator, in conjunction with Tokeny’s ERC3643 token standard, which is among the earliest standards in existence. It customizes compliant tokenization in order to obtain the Ethereum community’s ultimate approval.

Avalanche is the platform for smart contracts that enables recurring and infinite scalability through the completion of transactions in less time. The HyperSDK framework, Subnet infrastructure, and novel consensus protocol empower Web3 developers to deploy robust and tailored blockchain solutions. It is an environmentally conscious blockchain designed for Web3 developers.

Oasis Pro, a provider of global fintech infrastructure, offers tangible assets and digital securities. It utilizes blockchain technology and extensive Wall Street knowledge to curate an all-encompassing solution that advises both traditional and sophisticated financial institutions on the creation of alternative investment assets.

Oasis Pro Markets, a subsidiary of Oasis Pro, is a FINRA member firm that operates a full-service investment bank and a multi-asset alternative trading system (ATS) that enables public trading, primary issuance, and private multi-asset digital securities. By providing protection for their investments, these financial securities are crucial for fostering productive relationships with customers and investors.

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