Funtico connects with Avalanche to enhance Web3 gaming space

Funtico connects with Avalanche to reinforce the Web3 gaming arena. Together, they will introduce a limited number of games that will be active on their platform.

Funtico honed in on Avalanche to gain from customized subnet blockchains and the upgradability factor necessary for gaming. 

The games the two entities intend to introduce are in the class Formula Function, EV2, and Heroes of the Citadel. Through this, Funtico will enter the NFT and gaming community on Avalanche. 

Presently, Funtico is creating a list of games that will be part of the Avalanche ecosystem. The Funtico platform will offer games with lucrative reward mechanisms and will be backed by the Funtico reward token, $TICO. 

According to Funtico’s CMO, Josh Cabrera, their mission is to exponentially increase their user base and provide their audience with the highest gaming experience. They intend to be the absolute game changers in the Web3 gaming arena.

In the words of the head of Gaming at Avalanche, Ed Chang, they are bringing new-age gaming exposure with their associate, Funtico. While the associate focuses on NFT and the gaming community, they will be unleashing an entire assortment of visually appealing games for their connected audience. Some of the titles will be the most sought-after ones, like EV2.

Funtico is an incentivized gaming base that focuses on exclusive rewards and excellent gameplay. Its mechanism turns every gamer into a winner. The company introduces games that suit every age group and target both first-timers and seasoned players; that is its forte.

On the other hand, Avalanche is a smart contract base that is endlessly upgradable and periodically finalizes transactions in the blink of an eye. The company’s protocol, Subnet framework, and HyperSDK toolkit allow Web3 builders to release customized Blockchain services.

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