Google Data Scientists Interested In Ethereum Classic

Reportedly, BigQuery, which is Google’s big data analytics platform, has added support for Ethereum Classic blockchain searches along with many other cryptocurrency networks. This move will only help in making it easier for technologists, as and when required, to look for specific pieces of data on the blockchain.

This winter, the ETC community has taken a number of other steps to try and boost the niche cryptocurrency’s role in a market place which is broader, and where it has a rank of less than one percent of the network activity displayed by bitcoin and a little over three percent of the comparable developer benchmarks on GitHub.

In an interview, the Brazilian entrepreneur, Edilson Osorio Junior, who is the CEO of OriginalMy which is a Regtech that makes Decentralized Authenticity using Blockchain for issuing IDs and for notarizing and signing documents, said in an interview that his startup will find it easier to search for a specific vote or authenticated publication date for a piece of media.

Edilson Osorio Junior said “Retrieving from BigQuery will be so fast, so I don’t need any more to have a local database to be redundant,”

Osorio Junior’s company intends to continue operating nodes for their own records. However, it’s paying clients like the Brazilian Fintech Association might require quick queries. Reportedly, OriginalMy has earned approximately $60,000 from such clients in 2018. The company will also be seen participating in first Ethereum Classic Labs startup accelerator program in San Francisco.

Yaz Khoury, currently the System Administrator for Ethereum Classic forum believes that Google’s staff have taken note of the increased focus on fostering use cases. Talking about Google, Khoury said “They approached me,” and continuing about BigQuery, he said “merging the gap between people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure” and many other technologists who are known to querying other types of data.

Khoury, having said that all of Google Cloud’s BigQuery products can be looked up for ETC Blockchain data, it is likely that the less crypto savvy techies will experiment on their own as well.

The ETC Community is happy that Google has supported them, in spite of the fact that its user base is not very large. ETC Labs has reportedly invested $100,000 in six projects which are participating in the inaugural class of the accelerator program. It must be noted that its parent company Digital Finance Group funds ETC Labs.

OriginalMy came out in 2015 using Blockchain to change the way authenticity is handled in Brazil and the world. Through a fully automated platform, it is possible to register in blockchain and verify the authenticity of digital documents, contracts, and identity of people; it is also possible to sign documents through the application and log in to websites without filling out passwords or forms of any kind.

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