Immutable Games introduces Gods Unchained on mobile devices

Immutable Games will be launching its landmark title, Gods Unchained, on mobile devices worldwide, starting with Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Equipped with a multitude of functionalities, it will provide seamless integration with the fantastical realm of Eucos. Gods, mortals, and instances of magic are all presented to the participants.

In accordance with the feedback gathered during the pre-alpha phase, the Gods Unchained community desired an application that would enable them to access the platform while on the move and from any location. This will presently be feasible via the GU Mobile platform.

After completing the pre-alpha phase, players who download GU Mobile will have access to a variety of features, including the ability to incorporate an immutable passport, ranked, solo, and casual modes, a deck creator tool that allows players to optimize their decks as needed, and much more.

After Gods Unchained debuted on Amazon Prime Gaming, re-listed on Epic Games Store, and launched Season 2, ‘Far Horizons,’ players were treated to stunning new artwork, exclusive rewards, and a new set of strategies interwoven with captivating storylines in the first major expansion, ‘Tides of Fate.’ This release marks yet another watershed moment for the game.

Mobile gaming is anticipated to reach $111.4 billion by 2024, representing an annual growth rate of 4%. Furthermore, Xsolla, a video game commerce enterprise, published its State of Play Industry Report for the winter 2024 season, providing a comprehensive gaming sector analysis.

The report identifies the exponential growth of mobile gaming’s revenue participation in terms of collection and the lucrative nature of mobile gaming as a significant factor.

Daniel Paez, the executive producer of Gods Unchained, asserts that the mobile device is an essential tool, which is why he intended to make the application available for gamers’ convenience and enjoyment. The resultant entity was GU Mobile.

Gods Unchained is a popular Web3 trading card game that gives players ownership of their in-game objects. Gamers can acquire, exchange, sell, and amass NFT cards to construct strategic decks and compete in skill-based multiplayer battles by establishing a connection between physical and digital collections. Gods Unchained, which is produced under the direction of Executive Producers Daniel Paez and Chris Clay, is a daily delight for a devoted community of web3 enthusiasts and trading card pioneers.

Immutable Games is a major player in Web3 game development and publishing, with the assistance of a top-tier team. The business is currently developing Guild of Guardians, a mobile RPG. It has partnered with intermediary game developers and provided them with planning and execution strategies to ensure every Web3 game in the Immutable ecosystem is a success story.  

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