Interactive Brokers Q4 2023: 18% income surge shines bright

Interactive Brokers is an online trading platform with operations spread across all the major parts of the world. It is in the 47th year, considering the broker was in the 46th year in January 2023. Interactive Brokers has adjusted its offerings as needed. This is evident from the fact that prices are still competitive, but trading and services have been upgraded to include the likes of APIs, order types, portfolio analysis, zero transaction fees, ETFs, and the bonds marketplace.

It has now published financials for customers and the public. Interactive Brokers’ quarterly report pertains to information about its key financial achievements and development in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Key points from the Interactive Brokers quarterly report

Two of Interactive Brokers’ most notable achievements in the concluding quarter of the previous year were hitting the milestone of $1,139 million in net revenue. An increase of 29% under the section of net interest income complements it. This and other achievements have been largely credited to several factors, subject to their applicability.

For instance, Interactive Brokers has cited in the report that most of its achievements have come amid high trading volume, higher benchmark interest rates, and an increase in customer accounts. Interactive Brokers in Q4 of the previous year, that is, 2022, banked approximately $976 million in net revenue. This stands at the adjusted amount of $958 million.

Income before tax also referred to as IBT, came up to $816 million for the fourth quarter of 2023. There was an adjustment of $831 million, but it was still an increase from $689 million. That figure was booked in the same quarter. Also, adjustments during that period were reported at $671 million.

Diluted EPS, that is, earnings per share, is on a higher scale. The trading value was $1.48, marking a significant improvement over the previous figure, belonging to Q4-2022. Interactive Brokers has further marked an increase in commission revenue. A 5% jump signifies that the section now features $348 million in the books. This has been credited to the surge in customer trading volume, specifically in futures and options contracts. The volume has gone up by 4% to 21% in the said order. The only decline that is under light in the report is in stock share volume, where one can see a dip of 22%.

Another factor that can be rightly credited for the success of Interactive Brokers in 2023 is its core strategy of operating in a regulated environment. That gives a sense of reliability to customers, knowing that their funds are safe on the platform. This reflects an increase of 23% in customer accounts. Execution, clearing, and distribution fees have increased by 11% to join it. The figure amounts to $100 million, primarily driven by an influx in trading volume in futures and options.

A higher benchmark interest rate has helped Interactive Brokers bag additional net interest income. A jump of 29% for the achievement of $730 million has been noted with assistance in terms of growing customer credit balances and increased customer margin loans.

The challenges that the brokerage firm had to navigate were about investment in entities like Tiger Brokers and currency diversification strategies. Success has been noted in the quarterly report since it states all the increases despite a fall in other income of $31 million, taking the value down to $6 million.

Customer accounts now account for 2.56 million, an uptick of 23%. Calling this remarkable growth, Interactive Brokers has noted in the report that the Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend. This comes to $0.10 for every share in response to an equity expansion of 39% for $426 billion.


Other key achievements are an increase of 4% in broker’s commission, an 18% surge in trading volume, and a 29% boost in customer equity.


Moving forward, Interactive Brokers aims to keep working on making trading activities seamless on the platform by deploying and upgrading its tools. Working in compliance with regulatory requirements is its top priority, and the future stands tall if commitments are to be believed. It reflects positively on the financial industry at a macro level since customers are more willing to explore their options, check other brokerage platforms, and invest their funds for a better return.

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