IOST Pushes For Global Adoption With Its x Berm Protocol, Joins Global User Adoption Program, Project Pegasus

Cryptocurrency markets were devastated by the bearish trends prevalent throughout 2018, and many digital tokens lost as much as 90% of their price value. However, the crypto space kept expanding at large, which shows that the world is moving towards crypto adoption.

Crypto analysts and experts have been saying for a long time that mere speculation cannot sustain the market growth, and general adoption is extremely important. DLT platforms seem to have realized this, and hence, the entire crypto industry has increased their efforts in this direction. The industry has already managed to take several sectors under its wings, including gambling, gaming, cross-border money transfers, healthcare, and even donations.

Currently, TRON, EOS, and Ethereum have been leading the adoption space, with emerging platforms like Ripple, Stellar, and SwiftCash also pushing the boundaries. Following the trend, IOST has also vowed to take big strides in crypto adoption. On Sunday, the platform shared a blog via its official Twitter handle, stating that the IOST x Berm Protocol will bring about 20 million users on-board, by the end of 2019. The platform will be joining the mass adoption focused Project Pegasus.

The platform also claimed in the tweet that Berm-based apps are ranking among the top ten in their respective categories on the Google Play Store. In its official blog on, the platform stated that Berm is a decentralized data governance protocol, which uses digital tokens to enhance growth and development of data governance systems.

Two applications were successfully launched based on the Berm Protocol, which the blog says, have gained significant traction among enthusiasts around the globe. The blog further stated that expansion of Berm Protocol would lead to growth in the adoption of IOST.

“Berm Protocol’s first application is Berminal, a leading crypto news app that creates and curates authentic content for its global user base. Berminal is ranked in the Top 3 on the Overseas Google Play Store News List, with over one million total users and over 50,000 daily active users.

Berm Protocol’s second application, Bermi, is a fast-growing content platform which hit one million users within one month of its product launch. Since its launch, Bermi has continued on its strong user growth trajectory. In just the month of March 2019, Bermi has recorded over 400,000 new downloads on the Google Play Store.”

Both these applications are powered by the protocol’s native currency, BERM, which in turn is based on the IOST Blockchain. The platform also stated that loyal BERM holders would receive airdrops via the x BERM Airdrop Program.


Growing demand for crypto adoption across the world has forced even giant corporations to take notice and make necessary developments to accommodate digital tokens. Companies like Facebook and JPMorgan launched their own stablecoins, while IBM launched its global payments platform World Wide, based on the Stellar Coin. Payments behemoth VISA has also reportedly incorporated blockchain technology in its operations, to facilitate payments and transfers through cryptocurrencies.

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