IOST Shines as the First Blockchain Network Interviewed by AWS China

Taking pride in being the globally acclaimed blockchain network offering world-class security and scalability features, IOST has added a feather to its credit as it becomes the first blockchain project to be interviewed by the leading cloud computing provider, Amazon Web Services or AWS China. The honorable CTO and one of the founders of IOST, Terry Wang, was invited to be a part of an exclusive interview with AWS China.

The news was circulated in the crypto community through an official post on the Twitter handle of IOST. The tweet read:

During the crucial interview, the IOST blockchain foundation was duly-endorsed by AWS China and was bestowed upon with significant ‘first’ titles such as:

  • the first blockchain project to be interviewed by the prestigious AWS China.
  • the first blockchain project to get advertised on the reputed AWS Cloud Computing WeChat account as part of their first blockchain cooperation
  • the first blockchain project to be displayed on the popular AWS China website

As per the reports, the integration between the two leading platforms, IOST and AWS, will help the latter in the implementation of its cloud development pedagogies as well as lubricating the compliance processes. The widescale accessibility of AWS’s infrastructure technology architecture will aid the deployment of IOST’s application projects in a wider area. It will help the blockchain firm to cater to the requirements of the global customers concerning data residency, user access, and compliance.

“The core purpose of blockchain applications is to achieve ‘reliability’ and ‘trust.’ Our aim is to provide compliant services, but when facing compliance requirements in different countries and regions, we might have to invest a huge amount of resources in legal affairs,” stated Terry.

IOST serves as a superior blockchain network infused with the next-generation consensus algorithm of “Proof of Believability.” It works to provide the blockchain industry with the necessary framework and architecture required for online services. The excellent services offered by the platform has made it a hot-shot solution for business entities as well as government organizations worldwide. The IOST Blockchain-as-a-Service platform aids the developers in launching blockchain solutions in nearly 5 minutes. The potential developers can switch to the efficient IOST tools and services network in just a single mouse click.

In Indonesia, BAPPEBTI invited the IOST network to work as a blockchain technical consultant for the government. IOST linked strategic collaboration between Enterprise Singapore and The Infocomm Media Development Authority Singapore. Apart from this, in China, the blockchain firm shined as the first public chain platform to deliver a speech by national television of China, CCTV and the Great Hall of the People. In its future plans, the firm aims to proliferate into the markets of Japan, South Korea, The U.S, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

Mr. Terry further added that “AWS has a higher number of available areas than other cloud service providers, which means that we can deploy IOST’s blockchain applications in a wider range of regions and effectively push the global compliance process of IOST. With the AWS China (Ningxia) region operated by Xiyun Data and the AWS China (Beijing) Region operated by Halo New Network, we can easily develop our business both in China and globally.”

The Crucial Milestones Achieved By IOST

  1. Strategic partnership of IOST with UAV flight data management system for civil aviation to enhance accuracy, the operability of flight data while restraining all sorts of tampering.
  2. Infuse asset digitization and deposit certificate in artwork transactions on IOST blockchain for better traceability.
  3. Working as the blockchain oracle to build a link between decentralized technology and real-world data.
  4. Collaboration with the Singapore Information and Communication Media Development Authority to bring together third-party developers to design an IOST cross-chain technology mechanism to attain consistency of cross-chain transaction data between multiple blockchains.
  5. IOST will work with AWS and APN Premier Consulting Partner in the future as well. The firms will pave the way for the launch of new path-breaking concepts, streamlined architectures, and simplified services to revamp the core internal testing platform structure. The joint effort laid by the entities will be focused on expanding opportunities for the development and innovation of the blockchain technology to more diverse industrial domains and enterprises.

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