IOTA Exhibits Uptrend on the Intraday Price Chart; Coin Expected to Keep the Upsurge Locked

IOTA started the day with excellent momentum in the price. The first few hours brought a fabulous change in the price, but later, it starting returning to where it started. IOTA is still reflecting that it would close the day with a profit.

As evaluated by MIOTA Prediction experts, that the last couple of days have been power-packed for the traders. We are positive that the momentum in the currency would keep intact. The traders in IOTA can invest with an outlook of huge returns.

IOTA Price Analysis

Yesterday, IOTA started the day at $0.2487. The currency slipped to $0.2434 by 2.11%. It immediately recovered to $0.2493 by 2.43%. IOTA kept dealing at the same level and closed the day at $0.2493, with an intraday profit of 0.29%. Today, the coin started the day with an upsurge. IOTA price changed from $0.2493 to $0.2539 by 1.86%. After dealing at $0.2539, IOTA felt a pullback and fell to $0.2490 again. We are expecting another upsurge in the coming hours. The same would help the traders to book profits.

IOTA price chart
IOTA Price Chart by TradingView

The last 7-days have been a mixed experience for the traders. In this week, IOTA price touched a high at 0.255386 USD and a low at 0.234601 USD. However, the market cap noted today is at 685,816,258 USD. The 24-hour volume marked is at 3,501,592 USD and 2,779,530,283 MIOTA coins are currently circulating in the market.

The data is roughly indicating the upcoming price rally. The currency is anticipated to close by reaching up to $0.48. We would recommend the traders to go for short-term investment as it would bring them the expected result.

Mehak Punjabi

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