Currently, the most popular open source distributed ledger, IOTA was built with an aim to become a platform for processing of micro transactions without any transaction fee while keeping private and sensitive data safe and secure. This platform has been successfully keeping highly sensitive data like debits and credits record safe. Data security has become one of the most important issues for all of us because no one can ensure the safety of data all thanks to the rise in cybercrimes, but IOTA has been ensuring data security for years now. They have been able to do the impossible with the help of their distributed ledger technology alongside a very important feature which is removal of third party or intermediate. All the flaws that we have seen in blockchain technology and the peer to peer transaction feature have been solved by them, and thus they have emerged as a revolutionary technology. There are some amazing features of IOTA like scalability, low resource requirements, security, offline transactions and feeless transactions which makes it very reliable and trustworthy. Data security and integrity have become the need of the hour, and that is why IOTA has emerged as a revolution in this field of technology.
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