IOTA Price Analysis: Will the Tie-up with Jaguar Land Rover Work Wonders for IOTA (MIOTA)’s Price?

  • IOTA recently entered into a strategic partnership with Jaguar Land Rover
  • The price has been moving in a narrow range of $0.38- $0.41 over the last 24-hours

IOTA has recently entered into a major tie-up with Jaguar Land Rover which will make way for an automated machine economy. This is going to be new beginnings for IOTA where users will have more control over their value and the data they provide to the manufacturers. Trinity Wallet launched on July 02 has also had a huge response from the IOTA user community. The only spoiler to these positive developments for IOTA is the current crypto market volatility and its direct effect on the price of IOTA though the bulls are trying to corner the bears.

Latest Statistics from IOTA chart:

As on July 04, 2019 at 4:19:44 UTC, current statistics are as below:

IOTA Price Chart - 4 July
IOTA Price Chart
  • Price of MIOTA is $0.4006
  • Market Cap is around $1,117,520,425
  • 24 h volume is at $19,050,049
  • Though MIOTA has a negative ROI of 37.03%, still the Circulating supply is a huge 2,779,530,283 MIOTA

IOTA to USD Price Comparison:

The price of MIOTA over the last 24-hours as on July 03 has shown a lot of downward fluctuations with intermittent upward price swings. From a high of $0.4112, the price of MIOTA fell to $0.3917 in 4h 11m to the extent of 4.71%. It then went up by 2.77% to $0.4026 within 3h 24m. Within a gap of 5h 5m, the price has slid to $0.3898, showing a downward movement of 3.18%. The price rallied to 0.4084 within 4h 26 to the extent of 4.75%. Today’s price of $0.4006 is marginally lower to the extent of 1.91%. The trend over the last 24-hours indicates that though the cryptocurrency market is still volatile, the bulls are trying hard to get back on track. The price has been fluctuating in the narrow range of $0.38- $0.41, showing that MIOTA is slowly trying to stabilize in the volatile market.

IOTA Price Prediction:

The positive developments taking place in IOTA are making investors curious about the coin, but the negative market sentiments are making it difficult for IOTA price to move ahead. The recent developments in the coin should help it move ahead in the long run, but for the short term, the price fluctuation is expected to continue as the crypto market is still showing a pessimistic atmosphere. The bulls are working hard to make their presence felt. According to MIOTA price prediction and market analysts, the coin has great potential, as uncertainty is still prevalent, one cannot predict the way the price would turn in the coming days.



Investors should have patience and wait for the storm to settle down. With the recent developments as a backdrop, slight market stability should turn the tide for IOTA.

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