Justin Sun plans to develop ChatGPT based payment method

Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, has stated his intention to develop a decentralized payment system that integrates the Tron blockchain with other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like ChatGPT and OpenAI. He also holds the record for youngest cryptocurrency entrepreneur in the world. The AI payment gateway, calling SDK, and payment layer platform will all work together to enable the blockchain’s smart contract architecture.

The Huobi adviser claims that the Tron-based structure will facilitate the development of a trustworthy, tamper-proof, and decentralized payment system. It will have the ability to survive censorship and incorporate artificial intelligence, allowing users to create a new decentralized, intelligent financial ecosystem.

When it comes to countering AI’s analytical and computational prowess, Sun wants to use a combination of the DeFi JST and SUN applications. Specifically, AI Investment is developing services for managing investments with respect to assets on the chain, positioning assets optimally, and achieving more diversified returns.


Justin is an all-time representative of Granada at the WTO and an advisor to Huobi Global. The Tron Foundation has made investments in Multichain, XY Finance, and PlayGame. It has also taken over Steemit, Coinplay, and BitTorrent. His individual investment has been in Animoca Brands, Ardana, and Valkyrie Investment. The company is also involved in the development and promotion of its ecosystem. At the present time, he has plans to position more than $1 billion in terms of DCG assets.

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