Kraken Unveils its WebSockets Private Application Program Interface

One of the prominent digital currency exchanges, Kraken, has made its WebSockets Private API (Application Program Interface) live. Kraken announced the development on October 24, 2019, through an official blog post. The Private API enables clients to have more rapid streaming access to their trade activity and data.

With this new launch, all the clients of Kraken have availed the Private API’s initial 2 messages, per the blog post. It is important to note that the messages were in the beta version since October 1, 2019. Learn more about Kraken’s API in our comprehensive Kraken review.

In the blog post, Kraken also revealed that the API offers a more efficient and quicker interface for clients building software apps for trading as well as accessing the market data. The API facilitates a low-latency and durable connection with the servers of Kraken. Once any update is available, the servers then incrementally push the data to clients, according to the announcement.

Providing further details, Kraken disclosed that as its WebSockets Private API specifically handles the private data and actions of clients, it is utilized for trading. Furthermore, to know about the best crypto exchange France, visit us here.

The Private API’s first 2 messages are openOrders and ownTrades. The former is used for listing clients’ open orders and pushing updates upon the creation of new orders. ownTrades, on the other hand, lists the last 50 trades of the clients and also pushes updates upon execution of new trades.


Apart from that, the exchange will soon add two more orders – addOrder and cancelOrder – to quickly add or cancel orders. However, both these orders will initially be available in the beta mode, revealed the blog post.

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