Metabase Collaborates with the Decentralized GameFi Ecosystem Platform CreoEngine

Metabase has formed a strategic alliance with the GameFi platform, CreoEngine. CreoEngine connects game makers and gamers from all over the globe. Furthermore, CreoEngine offers Play-to-Earn videogames of top quality for players.

CreoEngine is a gaming platform that enables developers to distribute their games to CreoEngine users. CreoEngine enables developers to build and earn money through developing games while also providing players with fascinating earning opportunities through high-quality smartphone games. CreoEngine also formed an in-house game studio and hired game developers and creators. Evermore Knights, Slime Haven, Merchant Marvels, and Peony Ranch are the 1st four games. CreoEngine also has a C2C Marketplace where players can trade and distribute their NFTs and other digital assets. All CreoEngine games are fully compatible, and the Assets Operability Feature, which is present in all CreoEngine games, enables individuals to use NFTs in-between competitive games.

It means that assets/NFTs from one game could be transferred and used in other gameplay. When assets/NFTs are linked to other games, they can gain additional features and utilities, increasing their valuation.

Metabase is a mobile application that allows players and investors to participate in the play-to-earn gaming industry. As a result, it has also become a distribution channel for games looking for players. Metabase’s goal is to serve as a constant overpass for gamers to gain entry to the metaverse and generalize value.

Metabase is also the 1st GameFi project based in Indonesia to offer off-ramp services, allowing users to transfer token revenues into Indonesian e-wallet credits or fiat, i.e., Indonesian Rupiah.

CreoEngine would be able to greatly affect the lives of gamers and shareholders through the Metabase application, enabling their actions and trying to simplify their daily flow of work.

As a result of this collaboration, Metabase will create a personalized game dashboard and attributes for CreoEngine to sustain its shareholders and gamers.

Investors can evaluate their players’ performance and optimize their payouts while gamers monitor their achievement and off-ramp their income. It will allow the players to concentrate on gaming while investors expand and recruit gamers.

Roxanne Williams

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