Navis and Zebec push for high nanotechnology infrastructure

Navis has published an official blog post announcing that it has partnered with Zebec to push for nanotechnology infrastructure. The vision under the partnership is to leverage the said technology’s unique properties and abilities to develop devices, raw materials, and systems that carry forward the benefit to the crypto ecosystem.

Moving further, nanotechnology could be integrated into the blockchain infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to provide people with a healthier and more secure life worldwide.

Navis is, therefore, developing several projects. These include:

  • Nano trees for the ozone layer
  • Solar cells that are more efficient than the traditional model
  • Wearable products, a category that has seen a tremendous rise since global citizens have become wary of their health
  • Mining systems, provided they have higher efficiency and effectiveness in terms of cost
  • Better security for the crypto transactions will boost mainstream adoption and help onboard a larger number of users to the network
  • A new drug delivery system
  • Taking water filtration systems to the next level

All of it will be undertaken by a team of members who possess expertise and capabilities. The community has reacted positively to the development, with some calling it great and others congratulating the team for taking this step in the right direction.

In the official blog post, Navis said that the team is aiming to become a pioneer in artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. A complementary aim is to establish a presence in the digital world via Web3, the upcoming internet, which is touted to host the metaverse and NFT spheres. The establishment would be primarily through websites and blockchain networks. 

Additionally, Navis intends to establish a metaverse office and a dedicated infrastructure for non-fungible tokens.

Navis looks to provide an infrastructure for the crypto community that is faster and more reliable.

Platforms that back the functions of Navis are Re1 Network, Raca, Lovely Swap, Mises, and MetaMirror, among many others.

Raca is comparatively a new entrant on the list. On March 24, 2023, Navis announced a partnership with Raca that shared a similar vision. The partnership between Navis and Mises was announced on March 18, 2023.

In other words, a lot of partners on the list have been added recently, indicating that the goal is achievable with the determination to move forward at an accelerated pace.

Navis, also known as NavisToken, aims to conduct research and develop equipment and clothing powered by nanotechnology to help humans travel in space. Zebec is a multi-chain continuous settlement protocol that provides streaming finance and real-time payrolls.

The underlying reason to partner with other platforms is common: to provide a healthier and more secure life for citizens across the world, irrespective of where they are or what part of the world they live in. Products and services being developed by Navis with partners are headed towards a better life.

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