NEAR Foundation X MARBLEX: boosts Korea’s Web3 gaming

NEAR Foundation takes an immense amount of pleasure in making its official announcement of\collaborating with MARBLEX, which is a blockchain affiliate of Netmarble Corp. Owing to this occurrence, both of the entities will be in a position of being able to further Web3 gaming in Korea. Through the joining of hands, it will also be possible for rMARBLEX to create on Aurora, which is NEAR Foundation’s Ethereum adaptable layer,  providing a greater amount of upgradability, as well as connectivity to blockchain gaming for the sake of bringing forth more users to Web3.

The primary aim and intention of both of the companies are to further their individual businesses by joining the NEAR blockchain and Aurora with WARP Bridge so as to promote their brands. With the help of WARP Bridge, players will be exposed to various games and unique content via NEAR’s Blockchain System (BOS).

Owing to the fact that MARBLEX is an affiliate of Netmarble Corp, it is a much sought-after developer and publisher of mobile games. The company has, to its credit, over six thousand professionals. Their aim is to be able to come up with the best of Web3 games and, in the bargain, make provision for a cryptocurrency wallet, along with a decentralized exchange and token staking, as well as an NFT marketplace.

According to the Business Division Director of MARBLEX, Junki Moon, they will be utilizing NEAR’s potential to enhance the MBX 3.0 ecosystem. It will also be possible for them to incorporate NEAR Foundation’s vast technical know-how with the content abilities of the MBX ecosystem.  

So far as the GM of Business Development at NEAR Foundation, Robbie Lim, is concerned, the collaboration will provide the opportunity for effectively working on the BOS. The whole idea for them is to be able to carry out the required enhancements on the gaming ecosystem of NEAR Protocol and, along with that, onboard further users to Web3 with the help of new-age MBX content. It was NEAR Korea Hub which was instrumental in the formation of this exclusive collaboration. 

NEAR Protocol offers user exposure which is much like Web2, with the effective utilization of the Fast Auth account abstraction attribute, which in turn, lessens the beginning obstacles with regards to venturing into Web3. Their future plan is to carry on forging beneficial collaborations for the execution of a user-oriented ecosystem that will provide users connectivity with all of the services rendered.  

Roxanne Williams

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