OKX Venture announces its investment in Pre-seed Round for Nubit

OKX Venture released its latest notification for expanding its investment in Nubit, which is the first scalable data available in a layer for Bitcoin. This will be a revolutionary landscape for the company in terms of expanding blockchain technology for users. The approach aims to innovate and strengthen the existing Bitcoin ecosystem for institutional investors.

Nubit is currently the first Bitcoin-native availability layer scalable and secured by the Bitcoin configuration. It is helpful for the Bitcoin community to enhance their investment capacity without any compromise. Nubit empowers applications, including Layer 2s, Ordinals, Indexers, and price oracles. The inclusion capacity of these applications expands the efficiency and scope of the Bitcoin system by leveraging innovative technology. Nubit is supported by a lightning network and technological consensus algorithm occupying the censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin.

The arrival of Nubit resolves the issues of high-cost consumption of transaction costs. Along with this, it also meets the standards of Bitcoin system standards to reduce trust and develop a range of data throughput. Besides, through Nubit, data accessibility can become easier, approaching its better growth and stability in the modern crypto world. As a result, mass adoption of the Bitcoin ecosystem can be achieved by scaling technological progress.

The founder of IKX Ventures, Dora Yue, said, “Nubit’s test network will be launched soon, which will accelerate its ability to empower more Bitcoin ecosystem projects.”

Nubit is currently proceeding with its Pre-Alpha Testnet and planning to launch its official mainnet in the later phase of this year. While a vast field of blockchain projects aimed at external projects and internal data streams for running the system effectively, Nubit focuses on serving precisely the projects of blockchain. Therefore, Nubit is a more scalable, decentralized, and secure tool that can be implemented to develop the blockchain ecosystem.

About OKX Ventures

OKX Ventures is the second largest crypto exchange, an investment sphere approached by trading volume and web3 technology company OKX. Facilitated by exploring unique blockchain projects globally, it supports cutting-edge blockchain innovation by investing in long-term structural value. By enhancing the entrepreneurs’ support and contributing to the development of the blockchain industry, it builds innovative organizations by gathering historical experiences and global resources for the accomplishment of blockchain projects.

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