Ontology Price Analysis: Will Ontology (ONT) reach its highest price?

In the first week of June, Ontology (ONT) was part of the CryptoChicks hackathon in Toronto. CryptoChicks welcomes all ladies to learn blockchain innovation top to bottom and afterward execute it in a task of their decision. Ontology also held two workshops which presented ONTO, Ontology dApps, SmartX, and Punica. With a market top of $1 bn, Ontology has just accomplished much. However, it will keep advancing gratitude to its advancements and current accomplices like Hashed, Onchain, etc.

Current Statistics of ONT:

Let’s look at how the ONT coin has performed:-

Ontology Price Chart

  • Ontology coin is currently ranked at number 22.
  • As per 9:00 UTC today, the market value of the ONT coin was 692,677,089 USD.
  • Ont coin price for today is trading at 11:07 UTC is 1.3861.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $183,476,065
  • 494,757,215 coins are currently in circulation.

ONT Price Comparison:

  • The price of ONT coin has seen several ups and downs since the past few months.
  • On 26-Mar-19, the price of the coin saw a sharp decline with the price being 1.11 USD as per 6:00 UTC.
  • As compared to the sharp decline on 26-Mar-19, the price of the coin currently shows a positive trend by 25%.

Ontology Price Prediction:

The price of the coin may reach up to $3 by the end of this year. Also, ONT Coin Price Prediction suggested that the coin may reach up to $6 by the end of 2020.


With Karathen and Jumple foundation joining Ontology and promoting it within the community, it is focused to provide reward offers to clients approving stakes in them. The foundation is at present in the process of according hub accomplices and is sure about that making this new reward structure will pull in increasingly huge players to Ontology. The developing business sector Ontology makes it a good investment option as it has a great deal of advantages and motivating forces for speculators.

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