Paragen Partners with UpOnly to Upgrade GameFi

Paragen is excited to announce the upcoming strategic partnership with UpOnly and the addition of genHUB to the Partners hub. Both parties’ strategies are bilateral, and the collaboration is strengthened through various pathways in the market establishment of both projects.

Paragen is one such brand using DAO as the project launchpads. This non-profit organisation focuses on assisting projects in the planning stages prior to their launch. From marketing to strategy to in-depth technical development, Paragen provides comprehensive advisory in support throughout the life cycle of a project.

In addition, Paragen searches for talent to incubate projects. Following the discovery of this talent, Paragen acts as an incubator, advising the talent. Finally, Paragen assists with project launch. Thanks to the DAO’s rigorous screening process and sophisticated research papers, members of the community now have access to safe and secure projects in a single hub.

To integrate the UPONLY predictions platform, Paragen will provide project flow, the likes of AAA, and other styled games. This is a critical step toward making the next generation GameFi industry more formidable. This will allow the community to collect relevant game data using UPONLY’s directory base. Furthermore, UpOnly strengthens its partnership with Paragen by providing project flow compatible with Paragen’s Launchpad. Both Projects will also support one another’s co-marketing.

UpOnly will be the primary data source for metaverse participants, blockchain gamers, and observers. UpOnly is creating the first play-to-earn and metaverse data directory in the industry. The platform will compile extensive data on play-to-earn games along with some metaverse transactions, establishing itself as part of a resource for blockchain enthusiasts and gamers, similar to what CoinMarketCap and Coingecko did for the broader crypto economy.

Scott Cook

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