Ronin to execute updates regarding slashing rules during the DPoS shift

Ronin recently announced two key updates to ensure a smooth transition to the DPoS upgrade. The network will pause the Ronin bridge and update its slashing rules during the shift. The bridge will be paused to prevent unexpected issues during the sift. The pause will be brief and will be executed right before the hard fork.

Ronin will resume operations as soon as it confirms the smooth functions of the key parts. The network expects the pause to not last over a day. 

Similarly, Ronin will execute an update to its slashing rules during the delegated proof-of-stake shift. The network will make its rules less harsh and more accommodating, especially for new node operators.

Users learned about the information through Ronin’s official Twitter account. The gaming-based L2 blockchain recently launched its staking feature. During the launch, Ronin also onboarded five competent gaming studios.

Ever since Ronin launched in 2021, it has followed the PoA (proof-of-authority) model to add and verify transactions. While the model worked well, it also led to restrictions like limited validators. This caused the network to lean away from decentralization.

That is why the blockchain is adopting DPoS, taking a different turn from the PoS consensus model. Unlike PoS, DPoS does not allow anyone to be a validator. Instead, it delegates the validator role based on the votes from existing native token holders.

For Ronin, only the RON holders can exercise this authority to assign one of the 22 validators. The validators must be selected based on their contributions to the commission rate, uptime, and community. 


The recent announcement by Ronin has been warmly welcomed by the community. With the network committing to DPoS, users can expect several more updates in the coming months. 

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