SAND Is Now on the Largest US Crypto Exchange Coinbase

The metaverse token is becoming the real deal in the crypto market as the global exchanges fight to acquire its market. In a newsletter shared by The SandBox, we are notified about Coibase’s listing of the SAND tokens. In addition to the US, the exchange will list the metaverse tokens in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The metaverse concept has gained traction in recent times, especially in the crypto sector. There are currently hundreds of metaverse projects designed with different visions and utilities. Apart from gaming and NFTs, the area has also become a cradle for other industries thanks to its marketing abilities.

The Sandbox is a metaverse project developed based on the two-hit games from the early 10s. With advanced features like VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker, The Sandbox has created its tokenomy for the games and other items built in the metaverse. Users are allowed to monetize their creations and gaming experience through the native tokens SAND and LAND.

The Sandbox has also been making loud noises in the sector, with some renowned companies showing interest in establishing their base in virtual land. The Sandbox’s current collaborations list ranges from pop bands, like Jamiroquai, to banking giants like HSBC. Only recently, the metaverse welcomed the leading K-content provider Studio Dragon, too, into the virtual area.

With brands showing an increased interest in the project, the value of SAND tokens has also shown significant growth in terms of utility in recent times. Thanks to such growth, the metaverse tokens have made their way to some of the renowned crypto exchanges across the world.

As per the newsletter shared by The Sandbox on May 27, Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange France from the US, had listed SAND for trading. The listing on Coinbase will also enhance the token’s visibility in more than 100 countries where Coinbase offers its services.

In 2012, the crypto exchange – Coinbase was also one of the oldest and most trusted exchanges, with more than 98 million certified users. On top of that, the platform is trusted by more than 13,000 institutions and 230,000 ecosystem partners, making it one of the substantial opportunities for SAND’s expansion. Read more to learn about Coinbase in detail.


However, it is not the first time SAND tokens have gotten the attention of the leading exchanges. The token was listed on the Japanese exchange Coincheck a few weeks ago to make it more accessible for investors in the region.

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