Starfield Launches Jungle Video

When Starfield launches next year on PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Game Pass, Starfield’s official Twitter account promised a new jungle environment for Xbox and PC users to explore. However, the teaser is limited to a single concept art piece, but it does give us our first glimpse at one of the planets that players will visit. We have no idea what this planet is like. Bethesda merely mentions that while on the journey, “you will come across travels, and you will encounter numerous distinct habitats, filled with life,” but that’s it.

It’s unclear what the number of planets players can visit throughout the game’s duration is or how smooth the experience of exploring will be. There is a concept of several worlds, and from what has been seen so far, there will be a wide variety of ecosystems.

Several Bethesda fans aren’t satisfied with the lack of gameplay information. Frustrated fans should expect to hold their anger for a while since no one is going to witness gameplay until later this summer, potentially in June, at Xbox’s E3 presentation.

Starfield will be available on Xbox Series X, PC, and Xbox Series S, on 11th November 2022. The official website has information and details on the Bethesda RPG that fans will be interested in.

It’s unclear whether this jungle is part of a larger section in the game or whether the game will dedicate an entire planet to the habitat. Bethesda is quite keen on Starfield to be as expansive as possible, giving players the experience of a world that is limitless and teeming with possibilities.

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