Bitcoin Gold (BTG) News

One of the most recent entries in the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is becoming very popular, and that has been possible because of its new and exciting features giving it an upper hand over other cryptocurrencies. While it has a name Bitcoin in it but it doesn’t take that name for granted and does some pretty great work. It has a more decentralized infrastructure if we compare it to Bitcoin and it has seen a steady rise in its usability. It uses SIGHASH_FORK_ID replay protection, a newly developed algorithm which is used to calculate the hash of a transaction and invalidate the Bitcoin transactions on this Bitcoin Gold blockchain and the other way round. There is also a replay protection feature which prevents any malicious attacks on the users and also prevents fund loss. It also has a unique address which is done so that there isn’t any confusion between Bitcoin Gold address and Bitcoin address. You can buy Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coin on a lot of exchanges like Bithumb, Binance, and many other exchanges, where you have to use your mind into getting the best price.
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