Tesla CEO Elon Musk is Once Again Pushing the Limits and Conjuring Its Staff

Tesla, a car manufacturing company which recently got popular due to its flamboyant CEO and its claim to produce the first ever fast electric car. The company has made many claims so far and now it is facing a critical phase as it has failed to keep up with the promised delivery numbers. The company has come up with an affordable range of Tesla cars under a brand Model 3, which is a mass-oriented car. But as the CEO itself said, the production of this car has put his company into the production and logistic crisis.

When the CEO of the company says something, it comes with meaning and impact. Why did Tesla CEO say these things? Actually, Tesla failed to produce enough units of Model 3. Now, the real problem is its inability to deliver the demanded units. Tesla has now put the pressure on its ‘volunteers’ to assist in delivering 30,000 cars in 15 days.

This is definitely not helping in building and maintaining the goodwill of the business.  Had it been happening for the first time or had it been the unexpected crisis, one could have considered it as a genuine crisis; but it’s not. Tesla has done this earlier too, and its employees are used to of volunteering. Officially the company says that it is not obligatory to volunteer, but the employees know the ‘read between the lines’ message.

Elon Musk made claims of manufacturing electric cars when hardly anybody thought of producing them on a larger scale, but now the things have changed, and many big companies are going to bring their own electric car models and that too without having their employees work for free so that the company survives.

People in the market and even Tesla employees are not mad to ignore the fact that Musk is exploiting their efforts to its fullest. Tesla’s issues do not end here, Elon Musk getting attacked by the SEC for his Twitter posts. It is said that Musk is making mistakes and getting distracted from Tesla due to his other commitments like SpaceX and the Boring Company. No matter what the reason is, the market will not stand and never stands the same and severe mistakes again and again.

At present, maybe Tesla does have the best brand of cars, but it’s will to become something more than just a niche luxury brand also puts it at the risk of overreaching.

Tesla, Inc is based in the US-based and is a known car and energy company.

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