Thorstarter Collaborates With THORSwap to Support Future THORFi Projects

The ecosystem of THORChain is very soon will get its new capability in the form of the Thorstarter platform. This specific initiative is directed to provide liquidity support to projects based on the decentralized exchange philosophy. In addition to providing liquidity, the platform will also be capable of allowing the swapping of assets. This means that any blockchain enabled by the smart contract can have access to liquidity from other networks based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The unique competencies of the platform will allow it to work both as a platform and a launchpad for new projects, which means that Thorstarter will become a special constituent of the THORChain ecosystem very soon in the future. 

The token used for the settlement of payments on the platform will be XRUNE, and the function of liquidity relayer will be accomplished by the pool of XRUNE: RUNE. To support the seamless availability of liquidity for projects, Thorstarter has collaborated with THORSwap. THORSwap is a well-known decentralized interface that supports the swapping of the assets across different blockchain projects without the need for any intermediary or centralized authority. Some of the distinctive abilities that make THORSwap a leading player in its domain include its responsive and proactive customer service, a range of products and service solutions, and the high level of safety and security associated with implementing liquidity access procedures processes. 

By striking this partnership with THORSwap, Thorstarter has achieved strategic success and contributed to strengthening the entire ecosystem of THORChain. THORSwap will provide the necessary infrastructure support to the fledgling projects. It’ll be a golden opportunity for new-age startups and entrepreneurs to take a plunge and earn a name for themselves in the crypto domain. The association is expected to favor various stakeholders in the crypto domain as it specifically caters to the most critical aspect. i.e., liquidity related to new projects. 


Scott Cook

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