Tron (TRX) All Set to Make its Move on Piexgo from May 6, 2019

The cryptocurrency by Tron Foundation, known as TRX, is going to be listed on the Piexgo, a digital asset financial platform and as per the announcement they made via Twitter, people can trade in TRX starting 6th of this month. It comes as good news for people who were waiting for an announcement just like this.

Cryptocurrency industry is booming fast with many coins and tokens being thrown into the mix every day. In all this chaos of crypto exchange, Tron Foundation plans to stand out by “building infrastructure for a truly decentralised internet”. Now with their own tokens, TRX and USDT, their own wallet and other services in the crypto market, they are certainly moving fast.

When the trading starts early next week, a lot of anticipating enthusiasts could be waiting there to welcome it. TRX would join the crypto giants like Bitcoin core and Etherium on the platform along with other competing tokens. It would be important to look at the trajectory of the prices for TRX as more people get exposed to the token and would wish to trade in it.

Piexgo’s Trading Platform

Piexgo’s trading platform is a star on its own accord with a rising number of users each day. The young man running it, Peter Du, has been a crypto believer ever since he first heard about it back in college. He had made investments back then only to earn money, but the idea behind it influenced him and led him to work on a project called IOTA.

With this man at the apex of Piexgo, the exchange would move faster up the ladder as more and more crypto tokens get listed on it.  Their mission is simple, they want to create a world-class financial ecosystem for crypto assets and which is fair, secure and open in its work. This policy seems to resonate with the mission of Tron Foundation which might have led to this collaboration of a kind.

With the enormous efforts of these highly talented individuals, a seamless crypto economy doesn’t seem far away. As more people work on innovative technologies to drive the cryptocurrencies into the mainstream markets, the future does look bright.

However, what happens could only be said when it has happened. As the market opens come Monday, we will surely have our fingers crossed as we look at TRX listed on the exchange. The early days would be essential to monitor, and these data could be further analysed to understand the market a little more.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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