VegaWallet now Integrates Dash via BitGo

The cryptocurrency wallet and merchant- VegaWallet have big news in store for us. Through BitGo they have integrated Dash on their platform. In the announcement, VegaWallet posted the following on the social platform- Twitter-

This move will make VegaWallet be the first be to use the multi-signature Dash implementation that is layered by InstantSend transactions feature- which BitGo offers. In addition to this exciting news, the platform will also be able to create ‘real world applications’ for the evolution of Dash hard fork in the coming times. This merger of features has attracted a lot of attention for both BitGo and VegaWallet. This will naturally bring in a good amount of opportunities. At Dash Core Group, the Head of Business Development- Bradley Zastrow said-

“VegaWallet’s ability to provide Dash users with a secure wallet and payment solution plays a strong role in the value proposition. VegaWallet’s goal of creating a payments solution for the legal cannabis industry aligns with Dash’s goals to support underbanked businesses, making them a key partner for us going forward. Our primary focus is making daily commerce easy with Dash, and VegaWallet’s current and future products will add immense value to the Dash ecosystem. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with VegaWallet, as we continue to progress towards the launch of Evolution.”

You will be able to enjoy the cryptocurrency- Dash on both mobile wallets as well as the desktop wallets. Moreover, it will offer a good range of features that will consist tools such as

“inventory management system, business metrics, employee information panel, and other features, such as a cryptocurrency rewards and loyalty program powered by Dash and the VegaWallet Token.”

For the merchants, VegaWallet has a dedicated feature of ‘merchant POS solution.’ This feature will allow them to support credit card multi-payment option for their business. Further, the company has taken extra care to offer a smooth interface to provide the new beginners of the cryptocurrency with the latest trends of market data, complete transaction history experience, along with other high demand requests to provide its users with the seamless user experience.

The CEO of VegaWallet- Tarek Hajri commented on the further possibility of pouring in of more consumer and merchants due to its rich features-

“VegaWallet’s partnership with Dash provides a unique atmosphere for improvement concerning real-world applications in the blockchain based payments space. We believe customers will be excited for these future applications regarding the shared interests on our roadmap.”

When it comes to security for the institutional grade cryptocurrency and multi-signature wallets, BitGo is seen as a leader. They have made the exchange and wallet integration much easier. Further VegaWallet and Dash are together conducting design contests for the new VegaWallet. The winning design will be used permanently for the VegaWallet Dash Wallet. The Contest will run for 14 days running from on March 5, 2019, at [9 am MST] and ending on April 5, 2019, at [9 am MST.] For the plans, VegaWallet is looking forward to launching an exchange that will cater to both to desktop and mobile users.

The feature-rich, all in one, yet simple to access qualities from Dash is offered while keeping merchants’ demands in mind for a simple yet effective solution for their business needs. With this integration, VegaWallet will be able to offer a feature-rich point of sale for its merchants. The consumer will now be able to spend and transact the cryptocurrency is a smarter and fun manner, which will only lead to further adoption by the masses.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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