Verge (XVG) Price Analysis: Verge’s Platform on an Unceasing Escalation

Verge is a cryptocurrency that is known for its total anonymity and privacy for its users. It implements advanced blockchain technology on top of services such as Tor and I2P which hides users’ geolocation and IP-addresses. With the plans of RSK technology, XVG would offer smart contracts functionality with the anonymity feature, hence being the only crypto combining such features.

Verge (XVG) Price Chart

According to the stats from Coinmarketcap, Verge is ranked 55 in the market based on its trading price of 0.007606 USD for the Mcap value of USD 120,227,736 at 08:34 UTC. This is determined by the circulating supply of 15,808,085,522 XVG coins. The market cap value of the cryptocurrency on March 29 at 10:24 UTC is trading at USD 120.683.734 for its corresponding 24h volume of $5,673,487 which is relatively higher by 34.03% from equivalent MCap on February 28 with a value of USD 90,043,189. The trading price also increases by 28.63% from the past price to the current value of 0.007634 USD or 0.00000187 BTC. The cryptocurrency’s MCap values have been range bound between USD 100 million and USD 110 million with a degrading period where the coin’s value traded below 90 million, reaching its all-time low on February 06 with the value as low as USD 83,652,752. The value of XVG reached a peak on January 11 trading at USD 120,140,585 before going downtrend. The improvised values after the downtrend neutralized the market trend with the value crossing 110 million and touching a high of USD 120,729,065 on March 28 at 20:34. The market value traded at a higher price of 0.007638 USD. In addition to this, the 20-day exponential moving average displays an incline in value and price with the values increasing from USD 98,203,909 and 0.006473 USD respectively to the current rates with an average of 20% increase offering good resistance support to the cryptocurrency.

The price predictions for the cryptocurrency can only be approximate due to its volatile nature. According to wallet Investor, the bullish pressure continuous further, until the end of 2019 with the values reaching up to 0.138 USD. The positive outcome of the cryptocurrency is expected until 2024 with a hike percentage ranging between 2% and 3%. Mega Crypto Price estimates the price to boom by 2020 with the value of 0.7401 USD, and in 5 years times, the coin will be traded for 2.39 USD. Coin fan technical analysis is considerate with the percentage increase and predicts the value to reach as high as 0.172 USD or if low, 0.127 USD by the end of 2019. By 2020, XVG would be selling at 0.45 – 0.61 USD per coin. These predictions might work out well with the release of the IOS wallet (under development). Coin switch expects growth in demand for the cryptocurrency by 2020 and the price might reach as high as 0.2069 USD by 2023.

The current market trend with the continual stabilized growth backs the predictions completely. However, XVG has been volatile in the past, if this subdued volatility continues; XVG will be in its prime by the end of 2019. Nonetheless, the current market attracts buyers with its inflating prices. Long term investments will produce higher outcomes in the future with this market in favor of the investors.

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